The African Diary (4)

 A twenty-four trip to Kitwe, Zambia

July 3-4, 2000




Monday July 3, 2000  

On Monday morning, July 3, we left for a 24 hour side trip to visit Derrick and Cherry Pringle who live in northern Zambia, about 30 miles from the Zaire border. This area is known as the Copperbelt where they are numerous copper mines. The Pringles have not seen any church members since the Fall Festival last year, yet they do a great service in helping Andre van Belkum send Good News magazines to subscribers in Zambia and Malawi. They address 90 envelopes to Malawi and about 60 to Zambia. The list is steadily growing.  Andre brought the Pringles a used laptop computer from the Home Office. In a few days there were already sending e-mail to us.

Derrick and Cherry Pringle

With the Pringles, Andre went into town to visit a new prospect who had questions about the Bible and the Church. We spent an enjoyable day on their new property on which they raise goats, sheep, and chickens in addition to his regular job of installing security fencing.  There is always a great need for security fencing!  They have wanted a telephone line to their home, but the copper wires leading into the house keep getting stolen interrupting phone service.  So, they have a cell phone. Itís more difficult to steal on the airwaves!  But, Iím sure a way will be found. 

In the evening we Derrick Pringle built a bonfire and barbecued chicken and sausage and talked late into the night. He has an interesting story to tell about the Rhodesian War in which he participated on many patrols. He narrowly escaped death a number of times since he lived out in the bush with his new wife and infant son.

The next morning we got back on the little Zambia Airways commuter back to Lusaka with connections to Lilongwe, Malawi. 


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