The African Journey (3)

 The Challenging Trip to Mumbwa

Sunday July 2, 2000



As we start off in the morning a street vendor sells us a newspaper

Sleepy Sunday morning in Lusaka

We pass a pickup truck full of people headed for Sunday church services

We head back to Kariba Minerals to fix our problems

Truck at Kariba Minerals that hauls Amethyst from mines 250 miles away


Lusaka City Market

The bonnet (hood) had just popped as we were traveling at about 50 miles an hour.  It was all buckled and cracked the windshield

One of many hood raisings from overheating on the way to Mumbwa

People watched us as we fixed and fixed on the Land Rover. This is the main road between Lusaka and Angola. It was built by the Chinese.

This must have been omen of the day's activities. Andre van Belkum buries his head in the news

Kamani Banda shows us the problem: 
a broken belt

A mini-bus that transports people around Lusaka

We were in good hands of guard protecting the premises of Kariba Minerals

Lusaka scenes

Eleven year old Joe Banda who accompanied and entertained us the entire day

Problems on the road.  Another belt--this one loose. The man in blue appeared out of nowhere and seemed to know a lot about what to do

Our man Joe

Andre explains some of the unique African vegetation to me

We finally dispatched our driver Webster back to Lusaka on approaching truck  to bring another car while we decided to stumble on ahead towards Mumbwa.  We ultimately made it to Mumbwa. We never heard from Webster again.

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