The African Journey (2)

Lusaka, Zambia

Friday, June 30
Saturday , July 1 



Friday afternoon meeting with Heifer Project International in Lusaka.  From left: Andre van Belkum, Kwacha Chisiza, country director
for HPI, Kamani Banada.

The two who will work together in the cattle 
restoration project in Mumbwa, Kwacha 
and Kamani


Natural Resources Development College,
much of what was built with US funds. It's anticipated that it will become
sub-regional center for Zambia/Zimbabwe/Swaziland/Botswana/and Malawi

Campus clinic which was offered to us for 
use as a base for medical/optical projects
from the United States

Inside the clinic. No medicines are available. 
All you can receive is a diagnosis

The clinic

We happened to come across the  Lusaka Tigers college soccer team that played
later in the day

Four of the Kamaloni children at our Church meeting. Names from left: Mpesalwa, Luliya, Maatabe, Chipaila

Kamani Banda leads in songs for us at the
home of the Kamaloni's

and lemons

We took the Gloria and Feston Kamaloni out to dinner Saturday night. They were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in a few days

Banda's childern Joseph ad Maki

The Banda's with newest son, Rangana


All four of us at Heifer Project International

Our gracious host at the Palm Wood Lodge Guest House, Vivian. She is Ndebele/Zulu from Zimbabwe.  Had lots of conversations with her


Kamani Banada with wife Shirley

Feston Kamaloni and Vic Kubik. We held 
services at the home of Feston Kamaloni who lives on the grounds of  the 
Natural Recourses Development College 
where he is the registrar

With the Banda's in the middle

Injection anyone?


On campus grounds

Giant Orb Spider - they build webs between 
trees that can catch birds

The Kamaloni's yard had an amazing array of trees. Shown is a banana stand

and papaya

and sugar cane

and avocados


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