The African Journey (7)

 Malawi - part 2

 Wednesday July 5, 2000 
Ground-breaking for new Malakia Clinic and Birthing Center



The ground-breaking  of the new Malakia Clinic and Birthing Center on Wednesday, July 5, 2000. We had trouble keeping people OUT of the picture as witnessed by the exuberant gentleman on the left.

People crowded all around us witnessing the ground-breaking

There were too many of these signs


Mr. Chonde consulting mother with child in his consultation office

Secretary Leah Mkango ready for the next patient

Only two louvers are left at the bottom of window

Gladstone Chonde always in good humor in spite of circumstances

Malawian teens

Malawian mother with baby...a typical sight

Friend of the Chondes, Edison who had lots of questions for us

The Chonde's Lilongwe home

White board donated by Tom Kerestes of Wisconsin. This has been an invaluable tool used to help Microsoft classes at the Computer Heights School founded by the Chondes

Gladstone Chonde

Typical Malawian woman at the Maize Mill next door to Malakia Clinic

This is one of my favorite photos. A mother brings her maize for grinding to the mill

Hit Counter

A new beginning!


The front windows of the current Malakia Clinic. Almost all the louvers are gone (stolen). Cold winter breezes blow into the unheated clinic 

Mrs. Chonde putting her hand through the front window of Malakia Clinic

Andre van Belkum in front of Clinic

A new stethoscope, a gift from Joanne Shappard of the Terre Haute United Church of God

Alice Chonde

Garden at the Chonde's home.  Grass covering is to protect from sun

Wall (left) outside Chonde's home and property

In back of home the Chonde's opened office training center called "Computer Heights" where they do typing, teach Microsoft Office and do photocopying

Inside Computer Heights

Diverson Chonde's sister, Gladstone's niece

Sifting the chaff