The African Journey (5)

 Twenty-four hours in Kitwe, Zambia

Monday/Tuesday July 3-4, 2000



We left on an early July 3rd morning

We come to the home of Derrick and Cherry Pringle who live about 30 miles from the Zaire border

Their swimming pool. It's winter, so it's not in use

Cherry Pringle


Derrick built a recirculating waterfalk 
from an anthill

Beautiful bougainvillea on their property

Derrick and Cherry

Their homestead

Cherry is pointing something out


Part of the property being restored as farmstead

A banana grove 

The chicken raising area


One of the hired hands

In the evening we built a bonfire and talked late into the night

Returning and about to land in Lusaka 

Hit Counter

The Zambian Airways logo was interesting

Where Zambia is situated in Africa

After arriving we sat and talked 

Derrick Pringle

Ersatz crocodile whom they call "Ngwenya"

Derrick's business is installing electric and security fencing. His entire 30 acres is surrounded by electric fence

A little like Crocodile Dundee?

Pringles/van Belkum


The dry winter bush

The chicken raising area

They are raising some goats and sheep, too

Derrick barbecues chicken and sausage

A British Airways 747  arrives in Lusaka