The African Journey (1)


June 28-30, 2000



Leaving New York's JFK airport on 
14 hour 30 minute
flight to Johannesburg, South Africa

Roses do well in southern Africa

Steve Serfontein

It was winter. Frost on the car in the morning

Kathy de Campos with daughter Michelle

Amethyst is brought to this level before
being shipped to India and Hong Kong to be 
made into jewelry

Street scene in Lusaka. Woman carries tray of 
oranges on her head and baby on her back

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Our gracious hosts in Joburg:
Jorge and Kathy de Campos

From left: Jenny, Kathy, Michelle de Campos,
Andre van Belkum, Steve Serfontein

Mr. and Mrs. Jorge de Campos

Michelle de Campos

Johannesburg sunset at 5:20 PM

At the Kariba Minerals in Lusaka where elder
Kamani Banda is head accountant. Amethyst is
is sorted for cleaning and export

Lots of detailed handwork in cleaning the
semi-precious Amethyst

Lusaka streets