The African Journey (4)

 A Day in the Mumbwa Area of Zambia

Sunday July 2, 2000 

Listen to some of the music of the day!




Arrival in the village of Nalubanda in the Mumbwa region. Only one family had access to a team of oxen that they had rented to help with plowing

Anticipation mounts as we all gather 

View of the settlement of Nalubanda where all the people are UCG members

Van Belkum and Banda examine the fire damage

All their furniture and clothes went up in smoke

Communal kitchen where dinner for all us was being prepared: chicken, antelope, sodza and intestines

The final preparations before serving

The children were always quick to pose for photos

Making friends

The women tended to sit by themselves as did the men

Uplifting music praising God

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Giving sermon. Translation by Apren into the Ilo language, one of 73 Zambian languages and dialects


The children were extraordinarily quiet

Congregational Singing


The bicycle parking lot in the village

The bagged maize crop 

The oxen were a hit

Kamani Banda with member Armstrong Maninga. His growth needs treatment, but it's a long trip into Lusaka

The ever-present Head Man

Apren and Grace Momba's family

Maxwell and Joyce Kasakabantu

Banda and van Belkum with Philemon and Esther Mafohla.  Philemon has about 55-57 children.  

Cash crop cotton

The maize crop was just picked from this field


The Mumbwa brethren sang a beautiful good-bye song to us 


Jonathan and Loveness Ndiya with two children, all on one bike come from the other village of Muchabi about 10 miles away. Those without bicycles walked. 

We came by Land Rover Discovery from Lusaka after a number of obstacles. We were three and a half hours late arriving at 1:30 PM

We were warmly greeted by the families.
Andre van Belkum in upper right

We were informed that village leader Apren and Grace's home was gutted Friday night, less than 48 hours before our arrival. They lost everything.  Maybe we can do something to help them?

So did their books and magazines

....including all their Good News magazines

Mother and her baby

Communal center where we had our meal followed by Church service

Meal time

Group leader Apren Momba, who had lost his home to fire two nights ago

Attentive listeners to the sermon

The Head Man from the neighboring settlement came by. Nalubanda is in his jurisdiction

Apren Momba leading the service

Fellowship after our meeting

The bikes are quite used

Three leaders: Kamani Banda, Apren Momba, and Maxwell Kasakabantu

Our Land Rover gave us countless problems. As we left Nalubanda we discovered our front left was low.  A bicycle pump remedied that.

The children enjoyed ride by the oxen

Armstrong and Mary Maninga and children. 


After a wonderful day all head back home

The long way home for us back to Lusaka


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