The African Journey (9)


 Friday-Saturday  July 7-8, 2000




Entrance to the Heathcote's

Mandy Heathcote

Winnie Ross

Elsie Nel

Paul Ross

At the entrance to the Zimbabwe Heathcote home

The beautiful grounds at the Heathcotes

Heathcote home

Primrose Mukarati

Elsie Nel making point

Hit Counter

Gillian Heathcote

Roy Heathcote

Theresa Chichaya, mother of Shirley Banda in Lusaka, Zambia

Shannon and Sam Sweat

Steve, Primrose and two sons

Our Sabbath Bible Study

All of us gathered on July 8th

Francis Mukarati played the recorder 
for special music

Mike Mukarati

Guinea making an awful racket

The grounds

Stephen Tshabolala came up from Bulawayo

Sam Sweat, Mike Mukarati and Andre van Belkum at the Saturday night social

Paul and Winnie Ross