Novgorod (1)

October 7-9, 1999

Novgorod One
Novgorod Two
Novgorod Three
St. Petersburg One
St. Petersburg Two
St. Petersburg Three



Our hotel in Novgorod

Reciprocation in the form of smoked fish 
for the tasting

Roman Zolin, director of Novgorod's 
Health and Life Foundation


Delegate Elizabeth Wright, 
Executive Director of 
Community Foundation of Grant County, 
Marion, Indiana

Pointing out some of the local art work 
decorating the walls of 
Health and Life Foundation 

Presentation by Judy O'Bannon to Elena 
of Health and Life who works with 
women's related issues 

Tanya Kovalenko

Examining the goods at the 
open-air market

With Joe Miller, President and CEO of 
Wise Corporation. The bread we bought 
was very good!

At another market across town

Tom Rugh in sports shop

At the market

Charles Burns 

Making friends at the market

Judy O'Bannon placing Indiana pin on 
vendor at open air market

Our indefatigable translator, 
Tatiana Kovalenko, who is based 
in Moscow

Just in!  Watermelons from the Astrakhan 
on the Caspian Sea

Delegate Phyllis J. Pond, 
Indiana State Representative

Elena of Health and Life

Elizabeth Wright

A staff member of Health and Life 
Foundation and University professor 
addressing our group

Tom E. Rugh, Executive Vice-President of 
Indiana Association of United Ways 
explaining charities in the United States

Behind the fish counter

Judy O'Bannon with Joe Miller 
looking at bread

Sisters from war-torn Dagestan operating 
sales location at open air market. They 
come to Novgorod to work for three months 
and can then support their 
children back home

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