Novgorod (2)

October 7-9, 1999

Novgorod One
Novgorod Two
Novgorod Three
St. Petersburg One
St. Petersburg Two
St. Petersburg Three



Our delegation arriving at Novgorod 
City Hall

Novgorod Deputy mayor Irina Kibina 
welcomes us and gives outstanding
presentation about Novgorod's challenges

Judy O'Bannon and Irina Kibina

A special THANK YOU to Irina Kibina 
for her address

Entering the broadcasting complex


Rick Cockrum, Director, Government Relations of Anthem, Inc.


Les and Kate Lenkowsky, Professor of Philanthropic Studies and Public Policy at the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy

Bob Walters, pastor of Meridian Street United Methodist Church with Tom Rugh

Jayne Stites, Director 
Indiana Main Street Program outside 
the Novgorod Kremlin

A gift of special traditional leaf wreath by Moscow visitors to Judy O'Bannon

We file in

Presentation of Indiana State Flag to the Novogorod's Mayor's Office

Jayne, Nancy and Joe

Juori Bourtsev, Director of  Novgorod Public Service TV Center addressing 
our delegation

Viewing one of the productions

Judy O'Bannon congratulating Deputy Director Tatyana Tikhomirova of the Center of Public TV who had given birth earlier in the day

Lloyd Wright, President and General Manager WFYI Teleplex speaking to Juori

The meeting continues

At the FM Radio studio of Slavia Broadcasting.  DJ and helper

Guide Natasha with Charles Burns

Lloyd Wright and Judy O'Bannon

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