St. Petersburg (3)

October 9-12, 1999


Novgorod One
Novgorod Two
Novgorod Three
St. Petersburg One
St. Petersburg Two
St. Petersburg Three



Irina Chizhevskaya's husband Sergei

Bonnie Atkins

The new look of gasoline stations

Irina Prudnikova, director of St. Petersburg television along with Lloyd Wright, President and General Manager of WFYI TelePlex in Indianapolis   

Judy O'Bannon conversing with Assistant Director Lukin

Judy O'Bannon and Lloyd Wright with the management of Petersburg radio/television

Beautiful interior of synagogue

Outside of Synagogue


Stirring toast delivered by Irina on our last night together in Russia

Petersburg radio and television reporters with Lloyd and Les

With the managements of Petersburg television and radio

Assistant Director or Petersburg television, Eugene Lukin

Our hotel in St. Petersburg, 
the Priblatiyskaya

The shipyard 

Synagogue in St. Petersburg under

Team Miller

Lloyd Wright shortly after interview

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