LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund

We will be offering updates of some of our students that you can see what is happening in their lives.


The Developing Nations Scholarship Fund is transforming the lives of young people in developing countries around the world who will have an advantage as they enter the labor market:  they will have an education and a degree in their own country that will help them with gainful employment.  LifeNets has served students in the following countries: Armenia, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Zambia, Malawi, Cameroon, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Kenya. LifeNets has been providing student scholarships since 2001.

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Updated January 8, 2017

Kondwani R. MaleraAttached is a photo of one of LifeNets graduates in Malawi.

Kondwani R Malera, Bachelors Degree in Accounting, sponsored for two years from 2013 to 2014,  now has a good job as Finance Administration Officer.

He did his degree program for a period less than four years because he already had a diploma in accounting when he was selected to go to University.

Dan Ringo
LifeNets Malawi




Updated July 24, 2016

Monique and husband Jason

Monique and husband Jason

Dear Vic and Bev,

I have finally received my graduation photos!

Please accept a deep heartfelt thanks for the opportunity to have received a Lifenets scholarship to complete my degree.  Without your support I could not have managed and I hope to be able to 'pay it forward' in the future when the opportunity presents itself. I was able to complete the degree of Bachelor of Psychology with distinction and am now registered with the Health Professions board as a Registered Counsellor.

With thanks and love 

Three snapshots of current LifeNets students

June 15, 2016

LifeNets Scholarship Developing Nations Fund is success. Watch this 4 min video from students in Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia and Chile


June 11, 2016

Dear Mr & Mrs. Victor Kubik,

I am writing this letter to express my sincere thanks to you and the sponsors for funding the LifeNets Scholarship here in the Philippines.

I studied and finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Financial Management at The University of Mindanao last April 26, 2016. I assure you that this degree I am holding will be useful in my future career. Thank you for your generosity, which has allowed me to finished my 4 year course and you didn’t fail of supporting my financial needs.

I look forward to my future career and I will not forget you and all the sponsors supported me. I thank God once again for your generous support in this endeavor.

I hope and pray that one day I could have a chance to help others, as you helped me. God bless us all!


Juan Paolo G. Gervise II

LifeNets Scholar

GRADUATE 2012 - 2016

see in separate file

Updated April 15, 2016

Hello!! I hope you are all doing great in Jesus name.I just want to notify you about our exams which we wrote in January and the result are now out. I really thank Lord God almighty because I have passed in all the courses which we wrote and I have made it to procced to another level.this exams were end of 6 months brock.may God bless you all.

-- Lazarous Zhuzhi


Updated March 13, 2016

Here is one more scholarship in Kenya that LifeNets granted in the past month. This is for Samuel Kairu Kariuki of Matuu. Samuel wishes to obtain skills in teaching.


Samuel Kairu Kariuki

He will attend Pwani University in Kilifi, Kenya on the coast of the Indian Ocean just north of Mombasa. He will pursue a four-year degree as bachelor of education with emphasis on mathematics and geography. His goal after graduation is to be engaged in community development.

He write this letter to us dated March 13, 2016

Further to my application to be considered with sponsorship to further my education, I sincerely write to thank you from bottom of my heart for this very important deed. Through the help I got from you,I am able to pursue university education which is an important thing.  I never imagined it would happen in my life.

There is nothing I can do to show the appreciation other than to work very hard through prayers and dedication to excell in my studies.

Kindly receive best regards from my mother and the entire family who were very happy for the sponsorship. My mom was more appreciative because that burden was taken off her shoulder and she was quite grateful.

I also thank the almighty God for listening to my prayers and provinding solution to the problem. May he bless the church and keep us united to inherit the kingdom of God as whole. Thankyou in advance

Yours faithful,
Samuel Kairu,
Pwani University, Kenya

Updated February 23, 2016

LifeNets is happy to add two new scholarships in Kenya. They are a husband-wife Willis and Catherine Opiyo.

Willis will be pursuing a bachelor of education degree in English and Literature for four years at Kisii University in Migori town at the Migori campus. His plans after graduation are to teach English and literature in secondary schools.

Catherine's course of study will Primary Teacher Education for two and a half years at Asumbi Teacher's College in Homa Bay, Kenya. She then aspires to teach primary school subjects in primary school.



Updated December 7, 2015

Lazarous Zuzhi started a three year nursing degree course on 13th July 2015. He is taking eight subjects for a diploma plogram. His plans are to look behind where he came from in Mufumbwe, NW Zambia and he wants to go back to help his brothers and sisters to get educated and also to work hand in hand with Chilemo OVC (orphanage) so that he can make same changes in his society. His is very grateful.

Updated December 2, 2015

Scholarships in Brazil

We are happy to be able to support three students for educational scholarhips in Brazil. These pictures were taken in October, 2015.

Nayara, Saimon and Michelle are excited about the scholarships and are working hard. 

Nayara wrote to me recently the following note:

Nayara, Saimon and Michelle


I want to thank from the bottom of my heart for the support our minister Jorge de Campos and the whole LifeNets organization for the assistance they have made available to me in this beginning of my academic life. 

It is of great value and importance because this way I can strive towards my goals completely with a lot of dedication and love. 

I pray that this blessing may be provided to other brethren which may also need assistance. May LifeNets be blessed in all its endeavors. 

My sincere thanks to all! I am deeply thankful for everything. 
Nayara Oliveira de Souza.

Updated November 29, 2015

Australia Youth Card Program raises almost $8000 for Scholarship Program

Updated November 24, 2015

LifeNets now supports 104 active scholarship students around the world through Latin America, Cameroon, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia, Philippines and other countries. Last year we spent over $90,000 in scholarship aid. We received this nice today from Mario Seiglie who oversees Latin America:

Hello Bev,

Hope all are fine. Thanks again for all you do!

I’m enclosing a picture of the Guatemalan and one El Salvador LifeNets recipients recently taken. They are so grateful! We are building a Church of fine leaders down there.

They are:

Front row (left to right):

Israel Robledo, pastor Guatemalan Churches
Yuri Gomez de Leon
Astrid Perez Bonilla (El Salvador)

Daniela Gordillo, Lucia Chali Gordillo

Back row:

Fredy Perez (graduated)
Lidany Ac Osorio
Helen Gomez de Leon
Nasser Robledo Falabella
Andrea Robledo Falabella
Laura Motta Gordillo


Chifundo Njewa

Updated August 25, 2015

One of our scholarships students Chifundo Njewa writes this:

"Bev, I have found a job. I am working for the Malawi government for the ministry of transport and public works as a motor vehicle mechanic in Dedza. I do appreciate LifeNets sponsorship that made me to get to where I['m at. May God bless you abundantly. I attend church services once or twice per month because from Dedza to Lilongwe is a journey of three hours using a bus. My mum is doing very well and I regularly call her. "

We are proud of Chifundo for achieving this skill and having a great job now. His mother was recently widowed. We have visited them at their home several times on our visits to Malawi.

lazourusUpdated July 12, 2015

Our newest Scholarship recipient Lazarous Zuzhi from Mufumbwe in Western Zambia who was accepted to the Solwezi School of Nursing July intake diploma program for three years starting July 12, 2015. This photo is of Victor Kubik with Lazarous was taken last April when we visited Western Zambia. Lazarous was one of the orphans of Chilembo Orphans Club that LifeNets sponsorsr. Sponsor of this scholarship is an anonymous donor from Australia. 

More at 

Updated June 26, 2015


We always appreciate reports from our scholarship students about good outcomes in their lives received from benefits of our program. We recently received these two:

With a lot of pleasure, I write to inform you that I have now been offered a job to teach at Dzenza Secondary School this coming September as the new school year 2015/2016 begins. This is a government co education secondary school situated within Lilongwe.

Consequently, I would therefore like to thank you very much for all the initiative and assistance you personally and officially rendered to me during my study period at Catholic University of Malawi. Thank you very much for all that effort and May the Lord Bless you abundantly.

Yours sincerely,

Jeremiah Kampazangula Phiri


I have found a job and am working under Malawi government at Ministry of Transport and Public Works as a motor vehicle mechanic.
I do appriciate to LifeNets for the sponsorship that made me to be where i am now. May God bless them abundantly.

Chifundo Clemence Njewa, June 22, 2015

(see update in separate file)

Updated April 25, 2015

LifeNets provides three new 2015 scholarships in Brazil for Nayara Oliveira de Souza, Saimon Lima Oliveira Silva and Michelle Macedo


Updated April 25, 2015

LifeNets provides three new scholarships in two new countries, Tonga and Cameroon, for James Osika, Rita and Yvon Mabout. Read more.

James Osika (Tonga)

Rita Mabout (Cameroon)

Yvon Mabout (Cameroon)


Pilirani Chonde (right) with her mother Mwaya

Updated February 8, 2015

We would like to feature one of our latest scholarship students, Pilirani Chonde of Lilongwe, Malawi. She was awarded a LifeNets scholarship to go to Chancellor College of Malawi in the town of Zomba.

Pilirani wants to become a lawyer which has been her dream since she was a child. She has wanted to promote equality and justice in the workforce. She would also like a degree in business for commercial law. She would like to work for a law firm to correct wrongdoing, sort disputes and provide a starting point for interns and job opportunities for graduates. As one of her goals, she would like to write a book on law enabling exposure to the writing community. She believes a law degree will help her accomplish more in the future because of the critical and reasoning skills involved with it- a very important quality needed in the work field. Overall, I think by studying law especially at a professional/ doctorate level, I will be able to accomplish plenty because of the knowledge and respect that comes with studying law.

Both her mother Mwaya and Pilrani thank LifeNets for the scholarship.


Updated November 10, 2014

LifeNets scholarship students in Guatemala express their gratitude

LifeNets scholarship students in Chile express gratitude.....



MartinMartin Ngulubi standing next to Mufulira UCG deacon Jonathan Lithaba

Updated October 6, 2014

On left, our latest LifeNets scholarship graduate, Martin Ngulubi who graduated Friday, October 3, 2014 in the Copper Belt area of Zambia. It was a three year course and he has a teacher's diploma. He is presently teaching at a private college and is expecting to be employed by the government at the end of the year when their new postings come out.

Carolina ClarkCarolina Clark


Updated August 15, 2014

We are very happy to to report about how LifeNets scholarship assistance made a difference in Carolina Clark's life. She is from Peru but now lives in Southern California. She tells her story here.



Updated June 6, 2014

We are happy to announce another successful scholarship graduate from Brazil. Here is the translation of her note in Portuguese. Laura writes:

"One more phase of my life has passed and I am left with memories of something very good and gratifying.

Degree in Pedagogy

To reach this goal was not easy. I am only able to commemorate this conquest today, due to those who were next to me through it all. In first place I thank God who gave me forces to be able to reach my goal and stand up against all challenges. My deepest gratitude goes to Lifenets for helping me realize this dream, to my husband and my daughter by their ongoing support and to Mr. Jorge de Campos who backed me up and encouraged me. A thank you is the least I can say to express my feelings of gratitude.”

Kind regards,

Laura Rodrigues Macedo


Updated May 10, 2014

Helen ChichayaHelen Banda Chichaya


On our visit to Zambia in April 2014, we came across one our successful scholarships recipients Helen Banda Chichaya who was visiting family in Lusaka from Kadona, Zimbabwe. I had previously seen her in January2013 in Zimbabwe. She is already now teaching grade 5. She graduated in August 2013. Her scholarship was for three years. Her father Luke Banda is a deacon in Lusaka and one of our LifeNets volunteers.

In January 2013 I made a short video of our Zambia/Zimbabwe scholarship recipients including Helen at




Updated January 25, 2014

I am happy my daughter, Linda Rashid (2nd Left) and her friend Chimwemwe Kalima (1st Left) have passed the Malawi school Certificate of Education (MSCE) Thank you Lord for your blessings to these girls through LifeNets.


Updated January 11, 2014

Malawi Scholarship Testimonial -- see in separate file

Hi Beverly,


Good news! I have defended my dissertation yesterday, January 10, 2014, and passed. This then means that I have successfully completed my BA Degree. A dream has come true long at last. I therefore would like to thank you so much for all the material, financial and spiritual support you have rendered towards my education. Hopefully we will discuss much as we meet. My graduation is in April this year. Once again, thank you so much and may the Lord bless you.


Jeremiah Kampazangula Phiri.


Updated August 7, 2013

We are so pleased about the progess of Ani Poghossyan in Aremina who is now in the third year of studies with a LifeNets scholarship. We just received this update from her:

Ani's letter to LifeNets:

Dear members of God's Family and dear LifeNets!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and scholarship of my studies.

ani and familyAni Poghossyan (left) and her family in Armenia

I have finished my third year and have been very busy to gain more knowledge and to pass the exams well. I am really enjoying my studies and consider myself lucky to be able to go to university. I have to admit that God helped me with the exams and I praise and thank Him for that.

During my studies I came to the understanding that one also has to gain good knowledge. Because without that knowledge, that is God's wisdom, it is impossible to understand the purpose in life and to walk the true path.

At home I have the chance to discuss questions of faith with my father and to be closer to God while we do bible study.

I thank God and LifeNets for your love and mercy.

May God bless you for your love and good deeds. Thank you very much,

Ani Poghossyan

Here are the subjects she's studying: German literature, practical German, Persian, English, theoretical grammar, political science and journalism.


Updated July 19, 2013

See more about Gabriella

A happy day, July 5, 2013 as our scholarship recipient Gabriella Schvets (red arrow) of Vinogradov, Ukraine receives her diploma for completing her technical school studies courses to become a dental technician. She is shown with her other classmates. We are so thrilled what this young lady has done as she has been one of the kids of our street children program in Vinogradov,

Gabriella writes to us:

Dear Victor and Beverly,

I have just finished my studies.  On Friday, July 6 I will receive my diploma.  Thank you so much for giving me such an opportunity to get an education. Next Monday I’ll be looking for work (dental technician) now that I have my diploma.  When I find work, I’ll send you a picture.  May God bless you. Thank you and love from Gabi.

Graduation Day, July 5th in Khust, Ukraine. Arrow points to our Gabriella


Updated February 18, 2013

Guatemala Scholarships

(see this story on its own page)

LifeNets sponsors students for higher education in several places around the world.  Currently we have about 60 students to whom we award more than $75,000 annually in scholarships.  In Guatemala we currently have about 12 students receiving scholarships.  Read some of the testimonials about how this support is making life-changing differences to these young people.

ElizabethElizabeth Lucia Gordillo
National University USAC-CUNDECH
Age: 19 years
Career: Law and Social Sciences
Semester: Third

I am currently enrolled in the third semester of Law and Social Sciences, so thank you for having considered me in the LifeNets scholarship program  It is worth mentioning that I do not work hence I am totally dedicated to my career. Thanks for the support you have given me.


FreddyFreddy Javier Estuardo Perez Zelada
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
Faculty of Science and Humanities
Bachelor degree in Physics

LifeNets has given me the facility to buy my books and support materials that help me to enrich the knowledge of my career, as well as laboratory accessories. It is really a blessing to have this support.


Laura Beatriz Motta Gordillo (19 years old)

LauraUniversity of San Carlos de Guatemala
7 semester of Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management.

The scholarships program of the LifeNets helps me to cover part of the expenses of my career; I am very grateful for the help provided. Nevertheless, if it were possible I would appreciatean extended help since I am completely dedicated to my career and I do not count on any other income.



NassarNasser José Robledo Falabella
Age: 19 years
Career: Medicine
Study Center: Francisco Marroquin University.
Semester: third

Well, thanks to financial support I received from LifeNet I could continue my studies; as this career is a high cost one, your economic support has motivated me to keep going to reach the goal of carrying it out until I become a skilled physician.I value very much the effort, concern and support you have given me since these difficult times Guatemala's economy is facing, makes it all the more appreciated the help provided. Thank you!  Best regards and blessings. 


LidaniLidani Loady Ac Osorio 

I thank so much to God in the first place and also to all of you for giving us the opportunity of academic growth and thus, through these scholarships, to have the means to continue our studies; just like many others. I could not afford my studies on my own. I am then committed to work hard and put the acquired knowledge to serving.

UPDATED February 13, 2013


Victor Kubik visited Zambia and Zimbabwe in January 2013 and recorded these three short testimonials from three of our LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund students who tell us of their ambitions and how they are doing. They are studying to be a doctor, social worker and school teacher--none of which would have been possible without a a Developing Nations Scholarshp grant. Please take a look at this three minute YouTube video. We thank All of God's Children 501 (c)(3) in Lansing, Michigan that has just provided $4000 towards the Zambia scholarships.

UPDATED April 29, 2012

Here's a scholarship recipient that we are particularly pleased with.  Gabriella was part of our Street Children program in Vinogradov.  Her entire future has changed as a result of her ambition and receiving a LifeNets scholarship grant.  On April 25, 2012, she sent us several photos of her studying to become a dental technician and one who is able to make dental prosthetics, as they call them. 

She writes:

Dear Victor and Beverly.  How is your life? All is going well with my studies. In a month we are starting our practicum. We have a lot to do.  Right now we creating upper and bottom teeth and put them on stands. I really enjoy doing this. Here are a few photos of our lab. We want to hear from you....Greetings from all of us.

Gabriella on right


Gabriella on left

Original:  Доброго дня Віктор та Беверлі, як ваше життя? В мене з учобою все добре,через місяць будемо мати виробничу практику,ми скоріше закінчуемо навчання маемо багато роботи.Зараз ми на знімному протезуванні робимо протези на беззубі щелепи верхньоі та нижньоі,також потрібно зробити постановку зубів з зеркалом.В цілому маемо роботи багато.мені подобаеться знімне протезування. Зараз скину декілька фотографій ношоі аудиторіі... Чекаю листа, від нас привіт...

Published on Apr 27, 2012

Video that will be/was shown at ABC Charity Night on April 29, 2012 to raise money for the LifeNets Developoing Nations Scholarship Fund.

UPDATED March 24, 2012

A couple of days ago I went to school to check the grade for my last course which I studied - EDTE475 Teaching Practice. I am again over the moon to report to you that I scored a straight "A" (distinction) in this course. This has pushed my Grade Point Aggregate (GPA) up to 3. 079 and this means I will graduate with a Cum Laude (Credit). When the graduation date is set you will be notified accordingly. My success as a LifeNets scholarship beneficially is LifeNets achievement.
Your untiring financial and spiritual support is highly appreciated.

Warm regards,

Gift Tennyson Chikwera
March 22, 2012

UPDATED March 3, 2012

We would like to feature a few of our other current LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund students  -- from divergent places such as Brazil,  Armenia and Malawi.  Here's a glimpse...


Giovane Macedo and Laura Macedo from Montes Claros, Minas Gerais, Brazil are very grateful for the LifeNets scholarship that they are receiving to help them in their graduate studies.

GiovaneThey have had many job trials and lost many excellent employment opportunities due to their spiritual convictions before they could establish themselves financially and they had a very difficult time with finances since. 

Due to the scholarship support from Lifenets, they are now able to further their qualifications in the hope of better employment opportunities in Brazil in the future.

Laura is currently pursuing a video-conference based degree in pedagogy through a Brazilian University. Likewise Giovane is enrolled in a degree on Systems Development and Technology through the University of Paraná. They are both doing well in their studies and Giovane is ahead of schedule in his exercises and assignments.

Giovane also helps in translation work of the Portuguese booklets for the United Church of God and they served the church  in Maloca de Moscow (in the Northern Brazil) this past fall.

We received this letter of thanks from the Giovane's:

Beloved friends, Mr and Mrs Kubik,

My wife and I would like to thank you immensely for this precious and blessed assistance to complete our studies.

We will always be grateful to you. We also hope that our  Celestial Father may continue to provide you health, strength and determination to continue help people and believing Christians.

Your brethren in the faith…

Giovane and Laura Macedo
January 2012

Steve Kumalonje


Hello, this is Steve Kumalonje - one of the LifeNets scholarship beneficiaries.  I graduated from the University of Malawi with a Credit Diploma in Journalism whose duration of study is 2years. This was on Friday, 2nd March 2012.
Thanks be to you though for the timely material support you sent me in my time of need and remembering the request of mine with regard to a laptop and a digital camera - you did send them at the right time. I also thank LifeNets for their enviable support throughout my two years of study at the University of Malawi... 


Ani Poghossyan is studying for a degree in modern languages at the university in the capital city of Yerevan. Her scholarship is administered through our friends in Germany.  She writes the following: Ani

Dear Mr. Kieffer,

I would like to thank you, Mr. Kubik and everyone else for supporting my studies at university financially.  

I passed all my exams and currently enjoy the summer vacation till Sept. 1st. I  During my vacation I work on my German and read the German "Good News" as well as the magazine "Intern."  

I really like my studies. I am fascinated by the German language, literature and culture and also by the English language. My university is the best university of Armenia.  

Unfortunately there are many professors that don't walk in God's ways. They try to make the exams really difficult.

The German poet Goethe once said:  

"Grey are all theories, only the tree of life is green. I would say grey are all theories (which are not based on the bible), only the tree of the true faith is green.  

I wish all of you God's abundant blessings, warm regards,

Ani Poghossyan
August 2011

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