LifeNets Sponsors Summer 2007 Medical Mission to Malawi

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We are happy to announce that three volunteers will be headed for Balaka, Malawi for a LifeNets-sponsored summer project at the Chizeni Clinic from May 31 through July 5, 2007

The three will be working under the direction of Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther who is a midwife and nurse. Two of the young people are medical students, Phil Myers from Ohio and Aaron Blue from Dallas, Texas. In addition, Jennifer Myers from Indiana who is Program Officer, Noble County Community Foundation in northern Indiana will be a part of the mission.

Phil Myers

Jennifer Myers

Aaron Blue

The three will make a major impact on LifeNets service to interior Malawi. In 2001 we committed ourselves to finance the construction of the Chizeni (meaning "Heal Me") clinic in Balaka.  You can follow the trail of some of our work here at

You can see most of LifeNets activity in Malawi for the past ten years at

Our volunteers will have some of these objectives for the summer:

    1. Finishing the 450 meter wall project around the property to secure gardens, fish pond and fruit grove

    2. Working with 200 AIDS orphans under age five. The Chizeni Clinic has sponsored the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre since 2004. 

    3. Distributing blankets and mosquito nets

    4.  Assuring that our water purification system is operational

    5. Working with daily medical needs

    6. Helping us understand what we need to do further at this clinic and others that LifeNets has established in Malawi

We are thankful for the adventuresome and serving spirit of these three pioneers to help us help one of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable areas of the world. Malawi is the third poorest country in the world.



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