LifeNets Assists in Sending Clothing to India

Posted November 28, 2015

LifeNets always enjoys helping out when we know that are donations are properly distributed to the people intended.  This means that we work with people who provide the aid in the United States and those who distribute it on the other end. This is one of those stories.

David Schreiber is a pastor in from SE Minnesota who travels regularly to India and personally sees the aid is delivered.  His churches in Minnesota collect clothing and LifeNets provides the shipping cost—in this case $1000 in August 2015.

Here was Dave Schreiber’s request:

We would be most appreciative of a donation from Life Nets for mailing the boxes of clothing (including school supplies for the two orphanages in India) in the Andhra Pradesh area. It would be helpful to have $1,000 for our out of pocket costs.  Our local congregations in Southern MN, La Crosse, WI and Cedar Rapids, Iowa are collecting new and used children’s clothing. 

Since the clothing is donated and coming from garage sales, resale shops or personal family donations — the cost of the clothing is minimal.  The value of the clothing we have sent in the past, has exceeded the value of the postage we pay.  Jolinda and I have not yet received the clothing donated this year in order to evaluate.  Our local brethren have been very generous and some think about the clothing donation throughout the year.

When we go over to India, I will check into relief type agencies that are available.  In the past, I’ve seen most of the help the poor receive is from churches who look after the poor and orphans.  I hope to visit the newest house that has opened to take care of these orphaned children who have lost both parents.

Here is the announcement sent out to our local brethren:

We will be again collecting children’s clothes for some of the Sabbath keeping churches in India as well as a couple of orphanages.

Below is a recent picture of some orphan children who will be taken in, cared for and sent to school. One of our Good News readers and a pastor who is preaching to his congregation from United's written materials. 

David & Jolinda Schreiber

Here is what is needed:

Boys Shirts - sizes 2 thru 18.  They enjoy wearing the button up shirts and polo t-shirts with collars.  The orphanage boys need white short or long sleeve shirts for their school uniform (sizes 6-16).

Girls:  Dresses size 2-12.  Some of the older girls begin wearing saurees or other India clothing when they get a little older.   Hair accessories are also appreciated.
Comfortable children’s light weight sandals or flip flops can be sent.  (Tennis shoes can be too heavy to pack in boxes, so the lighter ones are best.)

Letter from India:

Dear Pastor,
These are the street Children and Orphans children who have been living near the road, under the trees in the tiny huts without proper dress and food. I request you to send the clothes and other items for their school. They are started going to school also. Please pray for them in your precious prayers. I have been praying for you daily.  Thank you.

I started the Orphans Care center with much great faith. There are 45 orphans in a rent house and there are three people who look after them in the house. One teacher also appointed for taking care about their studies. We have been planning out to buy the land and build the orphans home.  At present I have provided books, bags, pens and other items. We have been praying to God to provide clothes also. There are many things required for these orphans such as bed sheets, beds, tables, chairs, toilets and cooking items.  

These are the Children's age and their studies;
12 girls- 13 years old;
5 girls-11 years old
4 girls-6 years old;Total Girls 21

5 boys-14 years old
5 boys- 12 years old
10 boys- 11 years old
4 boys- 8 years old Total boys 24
All together 45 Children.

21 girls from L.K.G to 8th class

24 boys from L.K.G to 9th class.

Yours loving Pastor Joseph,India. 

Pastor Joseph

September 1, 2015
Good Morning,

Attached are some pictures that you requested on the clothing project for those in need in India. 

Sue Cafourek is folding and sorting by sizes little shirts and dresses that will be boxed and sent to the orphanages and Sabbath keeping groups in India.

We are thankful and appreciative for the donation from Life Nets to assist with the mailing cost to send the clothes to those less fortunate.  How encouraging it will be for the children to receive fresh clean clothes and to know that others care. Warm Regards,

Dave Schreiber