Update on Ivan Sobolev of Chernihev, Ukraine

May 22, 2011



In our LifeNets experience we don't always realize how much impact our help makes. This is a continuation of the story of Ivan Sobolev, now 32 years old, who became paralyzed in a diving accident in 10 years ago.  We were directed to Ivan by "Revival's" director Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk while visiting Chernihev in January 2003 when our LifeNets Indiana delegation visited Ivan in his parents' apartment. 

Posted July 21, 2011

From Ivan Sobolev:


I have already tried to write about my life after the trauma with my spine which resulted in me becoming paralyzed. I wrote about how I with the help of close people was able to live, stabilize, live without suffering--to live and not just exist.


If this is interesting, I’d like to explain how my life has been the past three years.

Because of the help of LifeNets I received some very important things:  a specialized bed, specialized pillows, and different catheters…all these rather simple things helped my body come to equilibrium, a stabilized state and was able to have further therapy.

This matter for me, the issue of independent work at home, since I don’t have the opportunity to visit a specialized center (for example, like the one created by Dr. Pasichnyk in Chernihev for children with neurological problems).  I live on the third floor of a many story building which does not have an elevator. To have a device that would lower me down the steps to the street and up was not approved by those who own the building. They do not want to pay for it.  So I am able to get out of the building to street level only one time a year to go to a sanatorium for 45 days. To pay for this I get help from some social organizations (for free) or have to pay for the rest myself.


My life continues in the apartment that my parents have been able to make for me.


Not considering the limitations in my apartment, my parents have set up a homemade lifter for putting me into a wheelchair and installed a training machine for my exercises.


We have a regime for training which is quite varied.  On different days different muscles are exercised.  I try not to miss doing this so that my muscles can become stronger.


Results are slow, but steady. I can sit on the bed now. I can straighten out my back. If I’m moved forward, I can freely eat, but the spoon has to be placed in a special way for me to use it. My movements are coordinated and eating is becoming a normal activity.    


For me the most important thing is that I can do some work and that I can do more. And I will do this. I believe and have signs and my faith is that the Lord sees my ordeal and He’s happy with it.  Help from Him comes from good, caring people who don’t abandon me or my family.


We are going through this physical life to enrich our soul and strengthen our spirit. With what the Lord gives, we have to make it work.   The question is how much strength how much we put into this effort. 


In my case I was not supposed to change for the better.  But, it will be as the Lord says. 



Ivan would be very happy to hear from you.


Ivan Sobolev
Koroleva street 14а, apart. 19
Ukraine 14034

I ask to think what to choose, what path to move not to lose God’s goodness and help.


And again, not for a moment not to forget to thank Mr. Kubik who leads us to understand God’s will.  God gives help to those who value it and uses it properly.  We have to continue in God’s Will. In that way we respect ourselves and our lives.  We live by the Mercy of God.  


With sincere thanks,


Ivan Sobolev and my family.



Off to yearly trip to rehabilitation sanitarium -- the only time Ivan leaves his third story apartment which has no elevator

Specialized spoon that allows him to eat by himself

Exercises at home

At the Sanitarium

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