LifeNets Provides Blankets to Our 195 Orphans in July 2004

Posted October 25, 2004

We spoke by telephone to Sam Chilopora on Friday, June 11, 2004.  He commented how they have a severe blanket shortage. As they enter the coldest month of the year that is July, the orphans sleep with no more covering than the only set of clothes they have. He commented how they have been distributing paw paws and ground nuts (peanuts) to the children and how happy they are when then receive them. We sent money for blankets.  Here are photos of the distribution in July 2004.  Thanks to all who help contribute to LifeNets to provide for these life-sustaining humanitarian needs!!

Thanks to all who who support this and other LifeNets projects with the tax-deductible donations.

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