LifeNets 2010 Mosquito Net Distribution in Chapita Village, Malawi

Posted October 22, 2010

Three years ago we began to distribute mosquito nets to Chapita Village. The people of the village greatly appreciate the work being done not only to improve the nutrition and health of the children, but by the latest gifts of treated mosquito nets during 2010. The first ones were distributed in January and February, during the rainy season of the year when malaria is prevalent.  The remainder of the distribution of 200 nets occurred in August.

The nets have made a big difference, especially during the rainy season when malaria-carrying mosquitoes come out in the evening.  Forty to 50 percent of the children's deaths under age five are due to malaria. Since we have been helping with mosquito nets, NOT ONE CHILD has died of malaria with the group that the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre works with.

The children and guardians of Chapita Village are give thanks to LifeNets and all who contributed to this work. 

Special thanks goes to United Church of God youth in Portland, Oregon for their cherry picking fundraiser that provided $2000 towards this project.  Thanks! 

Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther established the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in 2004 and have been helping hundreds and hundreds of orphans. 

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