2006 LifeNets Malawi Chizeni Clinic Initiative

Posted January 13, 2006

Since 2001 LifeNets has transformed the capabilities of Chizeni (meaning “heal me”) Clinic that was originally sheltered in a leaky old building. It has now become a leading health care provider in Balaka, Malawi.

As we were nearing completion of the construction of the clinic building in 2002 Dr. Chilopora suggested a much-needed program of helping the burgeoning orphan population. Thus was born  the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in 2003. It serves 200 orphans under age  five who come from two neighborhood communities. These children are mostly AIDS orphans being cared for by grandmothers, aunts or siblings with little or no male support. 

We regularly supply Chizeni clinic with much-needed medicines for malaria, diarrhea and other ailments. 

This spring 200 blankets from Portland, Oregon will be shipped to Malawi. They are needed by the orphans for bed rolls during the colder months of June, July and August. This project is headed up by Mrs. Dyanne Dick of Vancouver, Washington.

Security Wall

Our greatest need is to build a security wall around the Clinic grounds to shelter a new fish pond and mango grove. It will also provide security for the clinic area from theft and vandalism.

The length of the wall is 450 meters and will cost $30,000.  That is about $65 a meter.  We have started the wall by sending a $5000 grant to Chizeni Clinic in December 2005.  We need your support to complete this project one meter at a time.

Our orphan care program costs us $5000 a year for feeding 200 children and providing them medicines.  This is a vital community service that Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther, who is a nurse, perform. In the long run, we are wishing to offset a large portion of food costs by building a fish pond on the grounds along with planting a mango grove. This will  provide protein from two annual crops of tilapia fish and offer fresh fruit for the children

Mosquito Nets

Our Mosquito net project called “Nets Save Lives” has been organized by Christina Davis of Portland, Oregon.  We can provide bed nets for about $5 apiece.  These are nets under which the children can sleep at night. Our distribution will be through Dr. Sam Chilopora, director of the Chizeni Clinic.

Christina writes: “One million people in Africa die from malaria each year, with about 90% of these deaths occurring in children under 5 years old. This means that a child dies about every 30 seconds from malaria. The vast majority of these children contract malaria from mosquitoes. 

“The need for nets is immediate and I believe that a small amount of money can make a huge difference for these people.  It is my desire to begin raising money so LifeNets can provide nets to children through their local contacts in Africa. The nets can make a difference between life and death for many children in Africa..”

We thank all our contributors who have brought these projects to this point in their completion

Water Well

Water is life. Adding water wells providing potable water is a life-necessity in this region. For $3000 we can drill a bore hole (well). It is our goal this year to provide a well in an area that will serve 1000 to 1500 people.  There is no running water in this area and people must walk long distances every day for their water supply.


This girl’s life was saved by the LifeNets Orphan care Centre that is now providing nourishment and shelter.

Orphans receiving LifeNets blankets in July 2004

Beverly Kubik with Dr. Sam Chilopora at site of pond construction. Pond will raise two crops of tilapia to feed orphans.  A mango grove is also being planted


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