Vidal in Michigan Benefits from LifeNets Power Chair

September 3, 2014 (go to wheelchair project home page)

LifeNets Wheelchair Project had its 79th match for 2014 this Labor Day weekend. The scooter was originally donated from a lady in East Lansing after her husband died from ALS a year ago. 



Hear Mike comment about this wheelchair



We searched the area and found Michael Vidal who suffers greatly from multiple sclerosis; he has three lesions in his spinal cord, a couple on his brain stem and 1 in his lower lumber area on his back.  He also is suffering from paralysis on his right side.  Life is getting harder for him as he is only 39 years old.  We were able to place the scooter with him as well as a walker, toilet riser, and shower seat.  These are all item that he desperately needs and Medicaid will not cover them.

-- Michael Kubik