June 3, 2011

Here is one of our success stories in helping Thom, a disabled veteran.

His request:

"I am a disabled veteran with spinal injuries acquired while serving our country. I have been waiting for some time for a chair through the VA but there seems to be a long wait for my name to come up. I have a chair that is on its last legs and can not find parts for it. The chair you are offering would make life so much easier not just for myself but for my family as well. And the ramp would open more doors for me as well. If you choose me I would be very appreciated by far. Thank you kindly for your awesome generosity to our Craigslist community. God Bless you and yours."

After he received the donation:

"Yes I made it to them (the donors). It was a very pleasant visit. The chair and ramps are indeed perfect for my daily needs. I'll get a picture sent to you as soon as I can. I won't forget. Thank you for all you do. I wish there were more people and non-profit organizations like you. You are a Godsend for sure."