Much-needed Power Chair Delivered in November 2014

Posted December 23, 2014

Michael Kubik, Wheelchair Project Coordinator

LifeNets has maintained a wheelchair matching program for 14 years...going back to 2000 when a high school student wanted to do a wheelchair program for his Eagle's Scout project. (See history of the Wheelchair Project). After the project was complete, we continued to accept used wheelchairs and match them with those who needed them. We were pleased as to how the program progressed.

My son Michael Kubik is currently managing the LifeNets Wheelchair Project through a specially designed online database that links donors and those who need them. This year we will be matching about 100 people with high quality equipment, often times almost new power chairs. We have been featured in USA Today and Real Simple Magazine..

Mike Kubik The Lifenets Wheelchair Project | 

One of our more recent stories is from a match made in Pennsylvania last month in late November 2014. This was a great match and made both donor and recipient were happy.

The donor was Beverly and the recipient was Martin who needed the chair for his elderly mother who is 86 and her sister. They will be sharing this power chair. The chair was in great shape. It just needed new batteries. We find that chairs that batteries get to the point of not being ablt to be rechaged when inactive over time.

Martin called us and said the following:

We did pick up the power chair from Beverly on Tuesday. She was a wonderful lady. We took it right to Mum's place. It took a bit of time to learn how to maneuver it. She loves it! My wife Denise and I can't express enough how much we're thankful we are to LifeNets for this. We as brothers and sisters in our 50's need to be looking out for our elders. We researched how much a chair like this would cost, even used. It was more than we could afford.

The donor Beverly said the following about the match:

Thank you, Mike, for working with me! I met Martin C. and feel the chair is going to folks who can really use it. I know his mother and aunt will get good use of it. The transfer went on without a hitch. Too bad the weather was so bitter that day. Happy Thanksgiving and thank you again.


chair 1



Here's some history of how the chair came to us:

On Fri, Sep 26, 2014 at 10:33 AM, Beverly B wrote:

From the donor:

Hello Mike:

Some time ago you called me back regarding an electric wheelchair that my uncle formerly had before he died. He was a veteran.   It wasn’t operational then as it needed to have new batteries installed. Since I first contacted you, we have gotten new batteries for the chair and it now is operational.  It is a Jazzy Six which we obtained from the former Scooter Store.  I have enclosed pictures of the chair. I would appreciate your contacting again about the donation of this chair. It’s in really good shape and I feel like someone could use it.


Beverly B.

From the recipient:

My Mother, (81) and her Sister (86) are starting to slow down considerably with many walking and standing difficulties. We understand these chairs can be very expensive and our immediate family simply cannot afford to purchase one.

Both woman suffer from multiple leg & foot issues. Mom, for instance, has a fast moving degenerative issue with the muscle (fat pads) on the bottom of her feet which makes it very difficult for her to walk, and even stand for any extended period of time. My Aunt, has severe osteoporosis that; for right now, uses a walker, but still cannot take many steps without the help from another person. 

Our idea is that; the 2 sisters could share this chair when needed as they are very close to each other, and we have the vehicles to accommodate transporting wherever it may be needed.

Thank you for your consideration and we really hope the chair is given to the best candidate.