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July 2, 2008
From Mexico -

With special happiness I present my testimony.

My name is Guillermo, my mother Alma suffers from the terrible illness of Alzheimer Disease for the past eight years. It exceeds to say and enumerate the sacrifices that an illness as devastating as this one takes with it. I believe that the most painful thing  is always the permanent nostalgia of the  "original identity " of whom we love.

My mother Alma, who has been a Chemical Biologist Bacteriologist, always had the suspicion that her neurological system was vulnerable. The years have passed also a lot of experiences. My mother with love and patience has brought us  to God ... without her fortitude we had never achieved anything.

Curiously after carrying an illness like that, there are tools that are really indispensable. Doctors, medications, caregivers, etc have concentrated on my mother, but I have never considered how indispensable a wheelchair is. My family economy every day across this illness has been more and more difficult but with Alzheimer's Disease the most important thing  is not the " external attention " but the unconditional love that is professed to our love one, nevertheless in my economic budget I did not have a surplus to be able to acquire a wheelchair that really was indispensable for us.

Being I in Georgia, United States  I sent an e-mail  to Alex and I asked her for a wheelchair in donation for my Mom. Since an involuntary separation of my mother I decided to make it a life's project to take care of her and provide for her well-being. After a time, I received a telephone call of Alex to inform me that there was the possibility that I receiving a wheelchair. She said to me that she would call me later to give me the confirmation. She and her husband are a beautiful and sweet couple. I would say a classic American couple;  honorable, kind, generous and concerned about others needs, typical qualities typical of US citizens which is the most generous country of the world. There were not many words between us. I believe in  five  minutes the gentleman took out the  wheelchair from the trunk of his car. These five minutes literally changed forever our lives!!! It was difficult to bring this wheelchair up to Mexico by land.  But at the end I have managed to bring it!

This used wheelchair is wonderful!!!!  Now it is a part of our lives ... it is true!!! 

 We hope God always bless you dear Alex as well  that beautiful couple...

 Thank You!!!   With our Love,

Alma  and Guillermo               

July 2, 2008

Dear Ms. Kubik,

Our family can never thank you enough for the wonderful gift of mobility that you have provided for Ryan. It will make his life so much easier and always reminds him that there are "good people" who care about his life and well-being.  We appreciate everything your organization does.

- Black Mountain, North Carolina

The chair will make such a difference in my life.
- Ryan

June 14, 2008


Another LifeNets wheelchair delivered! Sally from Indianapolis (on left) helps Kim who has vascular disease and has had one of her legs amputated. Kim, about age 50, was not able to afford or qualify for a chair will now how mobility. Chair was picked up from from on June 13, 2008. We have given away nearly 50 wheelchairs in 2008 -- on target with our 100 chair goal for the year.

May 30, 2008

LifeNets specializes in helping out when no one else can. This chair on right is for a person injured in train accident who lost limbs. Picked up by friend Jenny in Indianapolis, Indiana on Friday, May 30, 2008

May 25, 2008

Latest wheelchair provided by LifeNets on Sunday, May 25, 2008. Dave and Hope (left) picked up this pediatric wheelchair in Indianapolis for their developmentally disabled four year-old granddaughter in Champaign, Illinois.

April 9, 2008

My chair arrived yesterday. I must say it has been worth the wait.  Never in a million years did I expect to receive such a nice chair.  It was everything I could dream of.  The tilt system is a dream because it allows me to take the pressure of arthritis off my back and get some relief.  I can even drive titled somewhat.  While that option alone makes it a great gift there is one far greater.  The gift of mobility.  I can only walk about a quarter of a mile before my feet start to hurt excruciatingly and it allows me to be pain free and to get out there and do what I have to do.  No more waiting for rides, now I can take myself.  Although I've yet to do it because I'm still getting used to the chair, I look forward to being able to attend church again because of my chair.
I just wanted to say thanks to the nice lady, her husband, and her dad who have blessed me with such an awesome gift.
Happy in Phoenix


April 3, 2008

Another nice card to us--

To the Wheelchair Program --

We can't thank you enough for your agency and the wheelchair that was provided to Willaim K.  He was truly pleased with the new product and we believe that his quality of life will be improved greatly.

I couldn't help but laugh in a resent conversation between Mr. K and another individual at our facility.  They were jokingly arguing and when "threatened" to be put out of the building he replied, "I will just wheel right back in!" I would say he's pretty happy.

Thank you again for the wheelchair that was given to Mr. K  You are all great ly appreciated!!!

Dialysis Clinic, Inc.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Sarah G.
Tamara M.



UPDATED April 1, 2008

Donation of Invacare power chair and walker in Aurora, Illinois from Lesley (on left). Her friend Laurie on right helped facilitate this wonderful donation that will give a person mobility that could not have afforded it.

In the first quarter of 2008 LifeNets provides 25 wheelchairs for those who cannot afford them. We're well on the way to another 100 wheelchair year.



UPDATED October 26, 2007

Another happy wheelchair delivery. Alix Kubik (right) helps load wheelchair for social worker coming to pick it up for needy recipient in Indianapolis, Indiana.

UPDATED October 25, 2007

North Dakota LifeNets Chapter President Pam Redline with husband Ralph with first donated wheelchair from North Dakota.

UPDATED October 22, 2007

A thank you card came today...

                                                                            Blanca"Marisela" Fehr

UPDATED August 29, 2007
This is an email we received from recipients of power chair.

Sent: Friday, August 24, 2007 5:59:52 PM
Subject: My Sister's Wheelchair
I am the sister of Joy, whom you recently presented with a power-chair.
I just wanted to say thank you, from myself and our entire family, for aiding Joy in such a way. Her life has been full of pain and dependency, and your gesture has gone a long way in making her feel more independent, as well as greatly improving her self-esteem.
Thank you very much,


UPDATED August 14, 2007
This is an email we received from recipients of power chair.
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2007 10:17:04 AM
Subject: Wheelchair pick up
My husband and son went to Chicago and picked up the chair on Tuesday. It took them two days to get there and back, but they made it with many stops and a night at a hotel. It was well worth it.  We want to thank you so very, very much for a great Project you have. You gave my husband mobility and the kids just love that Dad can go out and have fun with them on walks and outings. I will get a Picture ready and send in as soon as I can. We wanted to thank you so very much from the bottoms of our hearts. You are great!!!

UPDATED July 11, 2007

LifeNets Wheelchair Coordinator Alix Kubik with daughter-helper Alyssa. Two more pediatric chairs are about to be shipped.

So far in this calendar year we have matched up nearly 50 people with donated chairs of all types: manual, power and pediatric. We want to share this just-received thank you note with you:

Dear Alix,

   My chair arrived yesterday. Again thank you so much for helping me. I am truly grateful. It's not often a perfect stranger helps someone they have never met before so to me that is even more special. I see from the address label the chair came from a church, so I would ask one more thing of you ,and that is to pray for me and my family's finances, and maybe someday I can be a blessing to someone else. Every time I'm in the chair I will think of you and where it came from.


                             Thanks again,


UPDATED June 9, 2007

Karen Barbush is the assistant director of the HighPointe Centre and she stores wheelchair that are
dropped off for LifeNets.  We picked up seven chairs this past week.

    Institute for Community
    175 S. Highpoint Drive
    Romeoville, Il 60446
    click for map

UPDATED May 18, 2007
Curacao, May 15, 2007
Dear Alix Kubik,
First of all I want to apologize for the delay in keeping you abreast about the wheelchair facilitated by LifeNets and donated by Bernita Robinson. I am now on vacation in Curacao to notice how really happy and satisfied Emita is with her donated wheelchair. She received her wheelchair around the end of December 2006, timely enough to celebrate her 93rd birthday, which she wonderfully enjoyed amidst her children, relatives and friends. As she says, This day was one of her most memorable days of her life.
Accompanying this letter you could also see a picture showing Emita sitting in her donated wheelchair and her daughter Liesje alongside her showing their bright moment of happiness and appreciation.
Our gratitude and appreciation go out to LifeNets and Alix Kubik and may the Good Lord Richly Bless You.

On May 17, 2007 a large Indianapolis trucking company shipped this power chair for us to a needy person in North Carolina.


Updated April 16, 2007


From Kambani Banda (LifeNets director for Zambia):  (more photos)


We traveled to Mapoko to deliver the wheel chair and crutches that LifeNets donated to Mary Chisevente.


Mary was born as a normal child in 1956. When she was three, she developed a small blister on her left leg and everybody thought that it was nothing and ignored it. However, it would not go away.  The small blister stayed that way till age 15. It was mid year in 1971 that she started to experience numbness on her right side of the body.


The numbness developed into severe dizziness which was later diagnosed as epilepsy. During that year, she fell a number of times sustaining severe bodily injuries. She explained, “like all teenagers, I was full of hopes and dreams, a job in the city, a husband and children.” This hope seemed to fade away when her right leg started to shrivel making it shorter and weaker and later unusable. At this point the family had made several visits to the doctors (medical) without success.


It slowly dawned on her that she may not be able to realize her dreams. “The thought being of being crippled for life was discouraging that she thought life was not worth living.” she added tearfully. In desperation her parents even consulted the local medicine men and off course that was very expensive and to no avail.


In 2002 she met Mr. Katapya and his wife, our local leaders in Mapoko who explained to her their understanding as to why God allows suffering. It is this explanation that began to bring hope, meaning and purpose into her life and was baptized late in 2003. From then on, she has never missed a Fall Festival or a Sabbath service save when she is ill. She lives about eight kilometers and ‘walks’ on crutches to and from every Sabbath.  Big shame on us who for a miner irritation we miss church.


She could not hide her joy when Shirley and I presented the gift of the wheelchair and new, padded and adjustable crutches to her. Asked if she was going to throw away her old crutches, she replied “no, the new crutches are for the going to Sabbath service and the old crutches are for every day work”.


This was a very moving ceremony for both me and Shirley and one that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you for donating these vital limbs to our sister and making us part of the joy of giving.

Updated March 22, 2007

LifeNets delivers power wheelchair to disabled recipient in Greensburg, Indiana who has COPD, congestive heart failure and other problems and cannot afford this type of mobility. It gives us a great deal of joy to be able to make this kind of match.

We also received this nice note from Mercy Housing in Chicago, Illinois for wheelchair we provided:

My sincerest thanks! I don't know what my tenant and I would have done without the wheelchair.

Best regards,





Updated February 7, 2007

In 2006 LifeNets made 97 wheelchair matches plus six walkers, one Bruin chair topper and provided one wheelchair-equipped van.  We arrange shipping only in the United States.  We do not ship overseas, however, we are willing to provide wheelchairs to those who can arrange for shipping or who have the ability to ship overseas.  

Here is another happy recipient story:

Family in Enfida Tunisia. From left to right; father, 15 year daughter, Mayor of Enfida Mhedeb Mhadhebi, 17 year son, mother, and Mohamed Mhedhbi from Indiana.
The wheelchairs that you donated successfully made it to the family in Tunisia. They were overwhelmed with emotion receiving them. The petite mother you see in the photo previously had to tie the children to her back with a blanket and carry them over a mile to a bus to get them to a medical clinic when needed. The father unable to help due to his health issues that have left him unemployed.
They live in a 3 walled cement block room in a remote area with barely enough to get them by to feed the family. So then when electricity and running water aren't options for them you can imagine that wheelchairs were something that they never even dreamed about.
We wanted to thank you and the Wheelchair Project so much for enabling us to make this possible for them. And the family wanted us to pass along their heartfelt and tearful thank you and God Bless.
Katrine Mhedhbi (January 28, 2007)

Updated October 24, 2006

"Dear Alix and members of the Wheelchair Project:

"I am so grateful to you all for your efforts in helping us obtain a wheelchair for my nine year old son Jake. Jake had recently grown out of, and broken his stroller. My family is limited in what we could for a wheelchair for our son.  Jake has Moebius Syndrome, autism and is an amputee.  Although he can walk short distances, long journeys, walks with his family, and many activities had become difficult at best.

"The wheelchair that you donated to us is a perfect fit for Jake. He is so pleased with it! We were so blessed to have found you, and do so appreciate your efforts and kind hearts! If  there is anything that we can ever assist you with, please do not hesitate to call on us. We are truly thankful to you."





Updated July 26, 2006

I want to thank you for the help in getting a new wheelchair for me. The chair is so much easier to handle than my old one. I was finally able to return the old one to a friend who loaned it to me.  I have had a couple of adaptations made to it to allow greater comfort over longer periods of time while I am out and about. It stores in my stunk easily and fold so small!! I have been very pleased and could not have gotten this chair without the help of LifeNets. God Bless You All! 

West Haven, CT





Updated July 21, 2006

Here's a nice note we received after sending the walker on the right to southern Illinois:

The walker was just delivered and it's just exactly what I wanted. The color is even what I wanted. Thank you so very much for sending this to me. You have no idea what a difference it will make in my life. Isn't it amazing how God takes care of us and supplies our needs. How he makes a way where there seems to be no way through kind people like yourself. May God bless you all!

Thank you!

Sherry Wells
Cave-in-Rock, Illinois

PS: Here's a picture of walker in my little office where I have my computer. Thanks again!!


Updated June 28, 2006

From Georgia another appreciative letter received today ....

"Thank you so very much for the donation of the Invacare wheelchair for Mr. Bradshaw. It was received just the other day and will be provided to him this weekend. Your kindliness is completely overwhelming and the service done just incredibly generous. I know he like me to express his own deep thanks. Please accept this donation to cover the shipping expense and perhaps a bit more.

"Best wishes and bright blessings on you all....


Updated June 5, 2006

In Valparaiso, Indiana Post Tribune there is a column called "Quickly" where you can "vent" or ask questions.  In "Quickly Answers" someone had written in about wheelchairs.  Here's what appeared in the June 4, 2006 edition:

Q: How do I donate a motorized wheelchair sized for a small adult or child to a charitable organization?

A: Quickly is pretty sure that any charitable or service organization, such as the Rotary Club, Salvation Army or Goodwill, accepts wheelchair donations. Another option is Lifenets' wheelchair project. Go to its Web site and fill out the online form. LifeNets will try to find someone who fits the need, preferably in your area. LifeNets will call you and put you in contact with the person. LifeNets does not charge for the service. Once a match is found and delivery is complete, LifeNets will send you a receipt for your possibly tax-deductible donation.

Contributor: Christin Nance, E-mail your questions to

Updated June 1, 2006

United Press International makes reference to LifeNets Wheelchair Project in national press release:

Consumer Health

Caregiving: Who steals a wheelchair? -- 2

UPI Health Correspondent

ALBANY, N.Y., May 19 (UPI) -


One non-profit organization in Indianapolis has been making an effort to help those whose wheelchairs have been stolen -- or who simply can't afford one.

"'LifeNets: The Wheelchair Project' is a non-profit organization that accepts donated wheelchairs -- we provide the donor with a tax deduction -- and we try to match the chair donation with a person who needs one in the same area," Beverly Kubik told UPI's Caregiving.

"My husband, a Rotarian, took this project over about six years ago after a young man working to become an Eagle Scout had set up it up as a project."

Kubik said the group ( can ship manual wheelchairs within the continental United States, but motorized wheelchairs are heavy and difficult to ship, so they try to connect the donor and the recipient within the same area.

"Some of the wheelchairs donated are very expensive -- one was $17,000 and another was $35,000."

Since The Wheelchair Project has been on the Internet its requests for wheelchairs have outnumbered donations; it has applied to the Christopher Reeve Foundation for a grant to hire part-time help. 


Updated May 9, 2006

Notes like this one received today make our the Wheelchair Project worthwhile:

"I would like to thank you. I picked up my chair it has made things easier for me to get around. I cannot thank you enough. It was well worth the drive to Atlanta. I could not thank the ones who donated it enough. Your organization is a God's-send to people who are in need and without the resources to get these items without your help. I looked for a while for an organization like yours then I happened on it by accident the other day. Maybe it wasn't an accident maybe i was guided by the good Lord .I would like to thank you again."

- Terry

Updated May 3, 2006

Dear Beverly, 

I would like to thank you on behalf of Cristian and his family for the wheelchair that was donated through LifeNets International. I deliver the wheelchair in the community of Robles the 18th. of April of this year. The boy who received this chair is Cristian Gonzalez he is 13 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy among other illnesses. Norma, Cristian’s aunt, and Carlos, his dad, take care of him daily. Carlos also suffers from a rare condition that causes deformation of the bones and is not able to carry Cristian. During the last two years Cristian has become too heavy for Norma to carry him around town and he started spending most of his time in bed.

The wheelchair donated by your organization is going to change Cristian’s quality of life significantly.  Cristian is already going around town in his wheelchair. The chair not only brought happiness to Cristian and his family but also to the whole town. The community is very close and they celebrate each other’s happiness and share each other’s sorrows.

We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We also want to thank the family and little girl who donated the wheelchair. It is very important for Cristian’s family to make sure she knows that her wheelchair is bringing so much joy and happiness to this boy.

Cincinnati, OH 45231

Updated April 15, 2006

Here is a letter LifeNets  just received after wheelchair delivery....

"I cannot express enough how this will help me get my brother David to doctor's visits. He had several strokes and cannot walk very well. It will also help us to get to and from therapy. Again, canot express or find the words to say thanks again. You have made things so much easier for me since I myself am almost 65 eyars old. May God bless everyone who helped make this possible."

- Lucille in Alabama

Updated March 22, 2006

Sonia Elizabeth receives a LifeNets wheelchair this month. 

Sonia is 36 years old and has Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.  Before the wheelchair she sat on the couch immobile all the time. Maria writes us today:

I just received this picture from my sister. Thank you very much! Now can move around her house. As you can see fit very well in the wheelchair. You help has been appreciated.

Sonia, my sister is married and has two children eight and four years old. I love her very much. I feel sorry that she is suffering so much. Medication for this disease is very expensive and I cannot afford it.  Thank you again for what you have done. -- Maria  




Updated March 14, 2006

Danny Martin and Beverly Kubik

Photos taken on March 13, 2006

Danny Martin who now lives in West Lafayette, Indiana. LifeNets was able to provide through an anonymous donor this Action Ranger X Storm series chair adapted with puff and sip for navigation. He blows hard to go forward, blows lightly for right turn, sips hard for reverse and sips lightly for left turn. Danny Martin was hurt in an accident involving a regular bike that he was not familiar with in South Carolina. He was spinning hard out of sand and then got on asphalt. The front tire turned sideways. He was flipped off the bike and went end over end.  His head hit the asphalt and and his spinal cord was crushed and mutilated leading to paralysis in his arms and legs. He was helicoptered to a hospital in Columbia, South Carolina.  This happened in the presence of his girlfriend and several friends. In a split second his life changed forever. LifeNets is happy to help make his life more comfortable in the home that he lives in.

Here's another happy ending:

We received this request from Pam in Waco Texas:

March 10, 2006


"My daughter, Laynie, doesn't have insurance coverage, and we are curious about seeing if we could get a wheelchair for her.  She is five years old and is diagnosed with Rett Syndome.  She can't walk and is getting to big to carry all the time.  We have been using strollers up this point, but she is getting to big for them.  I saw a couple of wheelchairs on your website that look like they could work for her."


We were able to connect Pam with one our available wheelchairsPam writes again:

March 13, 2006

Thanks so much!  I just got off the phone with Mike, and we are working out shipping it to Texas as we speak!  You guys have been a godsend, and I just want to thank you!  I have attached a picture of Laynie so that you could have a face to the name of the little girl that you are helping!



Updated July 18, 2006

LifeNets helping out in Chicago and northern, Indiana.

A motorized scooter for the Department of Aging at City Hall in Chicago.  A client of the Department of Aging did not qualify for any kind of assistance. They turned to LifeNets and we provided them this chair. 

Today LifeNets provided this motorized wheelchair for the 35 year old paraplegic son of Lana who lives in Hendersonville, Kentucky. Lana lives in Griffith, Indiana, close to Hammond.

We need to continue our wheelchair that provides wheelchairs for the indigent or those unable to qualify for mobility.  Our program has brought dignity and hope for these people.  While chairs are donated to us, we have expenses with repair and delivery. Any contributions are greatly appreciated.  Would you consider sending a tax-deductible contribution to

LifeNets -- The Wheelchair Project
3707 Turfway Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46228

You may also donate now by Visa/Master Card 

Across the street from the Department of Aging at City Hall in Chicago.

Our last delivery was to the American Legion in Crown Point, Indiana. The Legion has an outreach program lending wheelchairs in the community. They only had only a few chairs in bad repair. They turned to LifeNets and we helped them with this maual wheelcahir



Updated February 23, 2006


Volunteers helping pick up and store chairs

On left Denzel Hawker and sister Kala are youth volunteers in the New York City area helping with wheelchairs. Here they picked up a pediatric chair that was donated to LifeNets on the Internet.

Updated January 28, 2006

Insignia on t-shirt

LifeNets receives note of appreciation and t-shirt from Chicago Police Department for donating a motor scooter and manual chair to the downtown police station. 

Here is the note that we received:

Dear LifeNets,

Thank you so much for helping the Chicago Police Department with donation of wheelchair for our employees. Our officers really appreciate it!  Thank you for your thoughtfulness. 


    Police Officer Tina M. Perelli
    Chicago Police Department
    Unit #123

UPDATED January 4, 2006

Cheyenne (age 34) is an evacuee from Louisiana who was rescued by helicopter. She was sent to Houston. Texas. From there she was put on a FEMA bus for a 15 hour bus ride to Indianapolis on October 24th. She has been separated from her three children who are in Illinois, but will be reunited with them next week.

She was injured in the evacuation while being in an angry group of evacuees who were frustrated with the painful process. She lost a lot of weight since the August 29th hurricane. She has lost her home and business and has nothing to return to. What is left of her property will have to be demolished.

She was placed in the Covered Bridge Apartments on the NW side of Indianapolis, about three miles from where we live. LifeNets was notified by her adopted family for a wheelchair with a leg lift. We just happened to have what she needed.

Through the LifeNets Katrina Disaster Relief Fund, we have also given her some support for basic items in her apartment.  Her apartment was burglarized a few days ago and many things stolen.

Cheyenne with Victor Kubik in
Indianapolis on January 3, 2006


UPDATED November 22, 2005

LifeNets works with other agencies.  Sometimes we help them, sometimes they help us. In the photos below, Mark Wallis and Harmony Petersen of Attain in Indianapolis, Indiana picked up a few chairs from LifeNets in Indianapolis that needed repairs. The chairs were then given by Attain to those needed them. To learn more about Attain, please go to

UPDATED November 21, 2005

Appreciation from Mikaela who has Spina Bifida

A pediatric chair was generously donated to LifeNets by an Indianapolis resident whose son is handicapped and outgrew the wheelchair. We found a home for it right away. We received this kind letter.  

2893 Kaufman Avenue NW

Hartville, OH  44632

February 28, 2005

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Kubik,


The wheelchair arrived safely and in a timely manner. After a few days in the shop for clean-up and replacement of a time which blew when air was replace, it was officially present to Mikaela on Tuesday, Feb. 22.


The smile in the picture says I all!!!!!.  We could never express to you, with words alone, our deep appreciation for all your efforts in making this special request come true. We, at Lake Christian School believe in the power of prayer. Our great and gracious God certainly answered our prayer by making us aware of your wonderful organization.


We believe that everyone involved in getting the chair to Mikaela should feel a special blessing for their part, from the parent, Mrs. Peterson  who first discovered your website to Mrs. Murphy from our special needs department, to our development office with Mrs. Lawver. Finally, we are very grateful for how God worked out the arrangement for getting the chair to Canton through Mr. Ted Lawver and drivers for his company.


We are externally grateful to you, Mr. and Mrs. Kubik. May God richly bless you! 


In Christ,


Alica Williams

Teacher, Lake Center Christian School

Hartville, Ohio 
original letter

UPDATED November 20, 2005

In the Chicago area LifeNets was given a brand new power chair. It had never been used.  It was stored at the home of one of our volunteers, Ted Efimov. We received a call from The Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago requesting a power chair for a most needy person. The chair was delivered and we received this note from the individual:

Dear LifeNets,

My name is Eleanor Sepulveda of Chicago, Illinois. I am thanking God every day for you all and everyone in your entire organization. My powered wheelchair was stolen several month ago at the hospital and I became VERY SCARED and EXTREMELY DEPRESSED and I had to stay in bed where I am renting. It was so dark and gloomy. I was in bed for months and it dragged on like it was years for me. I had no freedom to get my toilet paper or food. Whey Doug Scott (my angel) told me the GOOD NEWS about a new powered wheelchair, I thought it was a miracle! I thank you all for giving me my freedom again. It has helped so VERY MUCH. I pray to God to give all many blessings, good health and keep you all and your families safe, happy and healthy.

On April 9, 2005 we delivered a chair to Barbara, a diabetic amputee living in St. Louis, Missouri project area just west of downtown. We were at a United Church of God ministerial conference held in the area and took the opportunity to bring the wheelchair over from Indianapolis. On the right the photo shows Bev Kubik on left along with Diana Zollner on the right helping Barbara McElroy get settled into her new power chair.

The Chicago Department of Human Resources whom we have helped out before came to us with a request for power wheelchair that we were able to fulfill.  We received this very kind letter from them describing how it benefited a client of theirs.  We are always delighted to see such favorable outcomes!

Please read the letter

UPDATED November 18, 2005

Working together to help

On left Dan Dowd, Tom McCrady and Frank McCrady transferring power chair from one vehicle to another on its way from Boston to Wichita

LifeNets would not be able to deliver all the wheelchairs we do without the support and help of many volunteers all across the nation.  We use ingenious ways to make the connections.  An example is on the left.  Pastor Tom Clark in Wichita, Kansas called LifeNets asking for a power chair for a woman badly needing one.  A few days before we had a power chair donated to us just south of Boston.  The annual General Conference of Elders in May was coming up.  We asked Dan Dowd, the minister coming from Rhode Island to pick up the chair and bring in to Cincinnati. We asked that those coming from Kansas come prepared to bring it back with them.  That happened.  The chair was actually transferred into a truck that went as far as Springfield, Missouri. From there it was a relatively short distance to get it to Wichita, Kansas.

Tom Clark wrote us telling us how much the recipient appreciated having a chair that gave her freedom she had not had for a long time.  We're so thankful for the way we can make things work.

We thank all our volunteers who pick up and store chairs and make the ready to deliver.  We try to keep the chairs in the area they were donated and then try to match up recipients from the area.  On the left is Tim Dick of Chicago, Illinois who picked up chairs on several occasions.  We then bring them down to Indianapolis. We had about a dozen pediatric chairs that were sent via container to Ukraine last April.

Hopes to get a speeding ticket in her power chair...

On August 7, 2005 we received this note:

I, Viola Daniels, living at Susquehanna Nursing Home on Riverview Drive, Binghamton, New York received an electric wheelchair from LifeNets. I want to thank you with tears of joy to all those who helped obtain this chair!! I have my freedom again. I could not afford anything like this before and there was no way of obtaining any other help to be able to have a chair. I hope to get a speeding ticket! Thanks again,. I can't stop crying.

On the right is Oleh Kubik who delivered the chair to her.  The chair came from a donor in New York state.


UPDATED November 17, 2005

A happy ending for Alice Bovda through the help of LifeNets and American Airlines

LifeNets provided a wheelchair for Alice Bovda, a girl who came from Ukraine to the Dallas, Texas area. Here's the wonderful ending to the story. Through people who heard her plight in Illinois and contact us, we have been able find a donated wheelchair in the Philidelphia area and get it to Alice.

September 13, 2005

Dear Beverly,

That electric wheelchair from Michael Menezes was taken to the airport on Saturday in Philadelphia and flown to Dallas to Alice Bovda – thanks to American Airlines. The lady from American Airlines also went and picked it up and drove it to the home where Alice and her family are staying. I thank you so very much for making all of this possible for this little girl. Here is a picture of Alice and her parents (thought you may want to see it) Thank you so much for all you have done for her. Without you – it would not have happened.

Karen Olehy

Here's the background

Also, we received a wonderful note from Compassion4Kids in Indianapolis for three pediatric chairs that we donated that went on to Mexico this month.  See letter.

November 4, 2005

...I would be delighted to accept this donation on the child's behalf. 

Compassion 4 Kids suppports 2 day care centers for children with special needs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. In one of the centers, there is a child (age 5-6) named Eva who suffers from Brittle Bone disease (called the 'Child of Glass' in Mexico). She has several breaks in her legs and has been requesting a power wheelchair to get around. It sounds as though your donation may be an answer to her prayers!

      We depart for Mexico, November 19, so will need to make arrangements fairly soon.  We appreciate your willingness to offer this special gift. 

   With Warmest Regards~

Laurie Niederhauser, P.T.
Compassion 4 Kids Medical Committee Chair

UPDATED November 14, 2005

LifeNets now has a drop-off center in the Chicagoland area where you can bring your donated wheelchair. We want to give special thanks to Karen Barbush, assistant director of the HighPointe Centre, for making this possible. Please contact Karen by e-mail before bringing your chair by at or call her at (815) 588-6130.

The Friendship Centre at Highpoint is located at 
Institute for Community
175 S. Highpoint Drive
Romeoville, Il 60446

Karen and her husband John are shown with Beverly
Kubik on the right

HighPoint Community newsletter telling
about the drop off location



UPDATED November 11, 2005

In the past ten months, LifeNets has received about 70 wheelchairs, most of which have found appreciative and needed homes.  Most of the wheelchairs we receive and distribute are done through connections via this page. We will soon have a listing of available chairs that may fit your need.  Come and visit this page regularly. 

Today we received two more chairs from Clarian Health Partners in Indianapolis who has been helpful in providing us not only wheelchairs, but a lot of other medical equipment that we at LifeNets have sent mostly to Ukraine via container.

At the Clarian warehouse in Indianapolis on a Friday afternoon Roy Westcott helps replace wheels on an extra large wheelchair that we needed.  Above, Beverly Kubik working with wheelchairs at the warehouse.

UPDATED November 20, 2005

We received a request from Andromeda Transcultural Heath, an agency in the Washington D.C. area for a wheelchair for a doctor in Cuba who had type two diabetes and who had both legs amputated.  She was a determined woman, however, who didn't want to quit doing what she loved doing which was being a doctor. LifeNets had a power chair donated in North Carolina. LifeNets volunteers Jim and Mary Jordan stored the chair at their home and helped get it to Andromeda Transcultural Health who arranged for shipping to Cuba. Please read the letter below.

                                                                                                                        Please read the remainder of this story

Getting a chair to Fred in Kenya

As its first humanitarian assistance project, LifeLets East Africa was the delivery of a wheelchair to a quadriplegic citizen of Nairobi, Kenya in early 2005. Frederick Otieno expressed his heartfelt thanks to LifeNets upon receiving the new chair. He hopes it will help him in his pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in computing. 

The delivery of the chair is a story in itself on how LifeNets works as a team helping acquire, transport and deliver items that make a big difference in the lives of people. 

In September 2004 Wayne Stephens, LifeNets wheelchair coordinator, received this request from Frederick Otieno on e-mail:

I am a Kenyan citizen and physically disabled. When I was about two years old, I was infected by polio, which paralysed both of my legs and hands. I have since been depending on my relatives and friends to support me in my movements. My local church provided me with a wheelchair donation that I have been using since 1995. 

My challenge now lies in the type of wheelchair that I have at the moment especially when I wish to travel. As you can see from the photo I have attached to this mail, my wheelchair is bulky and heavy. That exposes me to a complicated position when I need to travel by public means and is also heavy to push for the people who assists me in my mobility. My family cannot afford to buy for me a more portable and light wheelchair. I would therefore highly appreciate if you consider donating one to me. An electric or motorized wheelchair would help me most but because of the price involved, I wouldn't mind receiving any even if it is manual depending on availability.

While most of our distribution of wheelchairs is in the United States, we do make an effort to deliver overseas if the means of transportation are there. Our East Africa chapter of LifeNets was being formed and its director John Elliott was visiting our home on December 1, 2004. We usually have a stock of wheelchairs at our home. He was leaving for Kenya shortly and one of our chairs as check in luggage. With a little bit of negotiation at the airport, the chair was accepted and it flew with John and Merrie Elliott all the way from Phoenix to Nairobi.  Here is the story below in pictures:

Above: John Elliott at the Kubik's home on December 1, 2004 taking a chair that was to go on to Nairobi, Kenya

Left: "As you can see from the photo I have attached to this mail, my wheelchair is bulky and heavy. That exposes me to a complicated position when I need to travel by public means and is also heavy to push for the people who assists me in my mobility."


Delivery of the wheelchair to Fred in Nairobi.  Job well done!

UPDATED November 15, 2005

LifeNets delivers power chair to Colombia

This a wonderful story about a power chair that was donated in South Carolina, picked up by pastor Eric Evans, crated in the Atlanta, Georgia area by United Church of God member Frank Schrock, trucked to Miami and sent by container to Colombia to help Jorge, a young man who was paralyzed by a gunshot wound in 1990 as a youth. Below the photos is the happy ending.

Photo of recipient Jorge Eliecer Portilla Lopez sitting in new power chair with old chair on left.

A better view of the new chair.

United Church of God member Frank Schrock crates power chair in preparation for shipping from Atlanda via Miami to Cali, Colombia

Dear Beverly

Thank you very much for all your help. God bless you and your family and all those who make your project a success story.

The person who received the wheel chair, who is in the pictures, lost his mobility when he was an adolescent due to an accidental gun shot. He used to live in a remote mining town in the Southwest part of Colombia. He is an artist who makes miniature sculptures.

The person who wrote the letter in Spanish, copied below, is the director of a project in Colombia that is part of Christian Foundation for Children and Aging. These are her words translated to English. I share with you her gratitude because you were a fundamental person in reaching this love project to a happy conclusion.


JOSE HERAZO  (August 16, 2005)

Dear Mr. Herazo:

The work that you initiated with great love and kind dedication when you visited us in Cali, has been accomplished. Now Jorge Eliecer Portilla Lopez received his wheel chair that you sent to him.  

The dream that I visualized in 1990 for this young man, thanks to your effort, was accomplished. This is a marvelous gift from God, through you, and other persons who joined their assistance, such as Customs people who donated money for import taxes, employees from freight forwarder who donated money for storage and freight, and the Mayor from the town of Bolivar, who allowed a vehicle to transport Jorge Eliecer to Cali, and his return to Bolivar.  

My emotions brought tears of happiness to my eyes because all doors that I knock were opened with a beautiful smile and God’s blessings.  

In the pictures you can see Jorge Eliecer with his old chair and the new one. Again, many thanks. God is the One who will reward you for your generosity because in the same way that we give He returns to us with full hands.

I wish to you a beautiful night and pray to the Lord for plenty of blessings for you and your family.


Our mission is to match available donated wheelchairs to those in need. We do not put a price on the wheelchairs; we only ask that the recipient make arrangements to pick up the chair or pay shipping charges when it is necessary. A small sponsorship fee may apply.

If you have a donation or are making a request, please contact us at

UPDATED April 27, 2004

Since the spring of 2003, LifeNets has received wheelchair donations from Indiana, California, Ontario, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Florida. In all, more than $50,000 worth of wheelchairs were donated.

These donations were given to people in Connecticut, Ukraine, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio. One recently was donated to a lady in California who will pick it up in Florida and fly it to her uncle in Peru.

Wayne Stephens

In addition, another power chair was delivered to a man in Chicago who then flew it to a disabled gentleman in Mexico. He was trying to get around in an old manual wheelchair to minister to those in several villages. LifeNets has also delivered several chairs to children and adults via container to Ukraine in February 2004.

Wayne Stephens delivered a manual wheelchair to a man in Connecticut who was injured in a work related accident and a power chair to a lady in Sebring, Florida who is now able to get around her home. A power chair was delivered to a disabled lady in Alabama with Spina Bifida on April 23, 2004.

In addition, several chairs were given to church congregations for use to assist persons getting into the building from the parking lot. The latest chair went to a West Palm Beach, Florida congregation on April 17, 2004.

Wayne wishes to thank all those volunteers who have picked up and stored the chairs and helped in the delivery. Without your help we could not do this service. We are making many people’s lives happier, healthier and giving them freedom from pain they were experiencing.  A very special thanks to Wayne Stephens for all his time and effort to manage LifeNets' wheelchair project. 

Photos of some of the chairs and happy recipients from LifeNets this past year!

UPDATED August 12, 2004

More and more wheelchairs are being donated to LifeNets.  Through volunteers scattered throughout the United States we are able to collect them and deliver to needy recipients.  Here is another example. Jim and Sue Johns of Lititz, Pennsylvania on a visit to Boston picked up the chair shown.  They transported this Freedom power chair and delivered it to Nancy in Johnstown, PA who is thrilled. to have extended mobility. Nancy has a rare disease that affects the myelin sheath--similar to Multiple Sclerosis.  It is a progressive disease and she can no longer walk very far. The dog in the picture is a service dog which helps her when she has seizures, etc.


Jim and Sue Johns

Thanks to all who have been supportive of LifeNets helping provide mobility.  We appreciate the donation of high quality wheelchairs. While we have many wonderful chairs donated to us we also need monetary donations to help with shipping and some repairs to the chairs.

 All donations are tax-deductible and can be made to

3707 Turfway Ct                    Indianapolis, IN 46228

UPDATED July 9, 2004

Thornton Schofield

One of LifeNets projects is to match up wheelchair donors with needy recipients in the United States. We are happy to provide mobility that improves a person's ability to get around and live a higher quality of life. We also ship other wheelchairs overseas via container. 

On the right is recent satisfied LifeNets recipient in the Los Angeles area, Thornton Schofield.  Help us make more people like him be able to get around.  His daughters write: "Thank you so much for helping us obtain a motorized wheelchair on behalf of our dad, Thornton Schofield. He was so pleased with this wonderful gift and thanks all of you very much"

-- Susan Crow & Sharon Roybal



UPDATED May 20, 2004

We continue to supply needy people with a variety of wheelchairs. 

is able to provide wheelchairs to Alabama and Ukraine. On far left is young lady form  Birmingham who has Spina Bifida who received LifeNets power wheelchair in late April 2004. Also pictured are two pediatric chairs donated from Prospect Heights and Melrose Park, Illinois on May 17, 2004. They will go on a container to our children's rehabilitation center near Chernobyl.


Diane Wagner of Florida in her Hoveround. It was donated by Rob Welts in Pennsylvania.

A chair donated in Sacramento, California that still needs a home -- see above...a home has been found!

Mathias Santiago of Chicago takes this chair to southern Mexico courtesy of American Airlines. It was donated by parents of young lady who died of lymphoma.

Pediatric chairs 







Steve Westerviller of Columbus, Ohio receives custom chair from donor in northern Indiana

Jacksonville, FL donation from Ann Brickert

LifeNets chairman Tom Peine with grandson Ryan preparing chair for container shipment to Ukraine

Chairs donated from upstate New York that all went to Ukraine -- shipped by Scott Lord.


Indianapolis youth preparing wheelchairs for Ukraine.


UPDATED April 16, 2003

Over the past few months we have had some wonderful activity by making wheelchairs available to many needy that has made their lives a little more mobile...and happier.  We have found a useful place for almost every wheelchair that has come our way. Donors find us right here...on this page and email or call us to make their tax-exempt donation. Through volunteers all through the United States and by networking with other charities, foundations and the the US Military we have found homes for all the chairs. 

Happy recipient. Debra Gussman of Indianapolis, Indiana, can now get out in her neighborhood with her new electric wheelchair. Pictured is  her mother Betty Zielinski with husband Tony..

More than 30 wheelchairs have recently been given to us. We had three particularly valuable electric ones donated valued at between $5,000-$$6000 each. Two were virtually brand new.  Locations of donors was diverse:  Santa Cruz, California, Pompano Beach, Florida and the Washington DC area. So were the locations where they went. The one from Santa Cruz went on a container through a Sacramento, California church to western Ukraine to a paraplegic who now has mobility. The one from Florida went to Moscow.  Through Wayne Stephens, LifeNets' wheelchair coordinator, volunteer Bill Rippeon properly crated it, DHL Air gave us a great rate and the Grace Foundation helped with $1100 in customs fees. A young Russian paraplegic named Dima is absolutely overjoyed at now having mobility.

The third

A disabled child in Chernihev, Ukraine receiving LifeNets wheelchair in January 2003
electric wheelchair (shown on right) came here to Indianapolis to Debra Gussman who has Miotonic Muscular Dystrophy can now get out in her neighborhood with this electric wheelchair. The wheelchair was picked up by LifeNets volunteers Steve and Rhonda Diggins in Maryland. The chair was passed on to the Charles family in Pennsylvania who took it in their van to a United Church of God Family weekend in Lexington, Kentucky in late December. There we picked it up and brought it back to Indianapolis.

Erin Smith from a school in Albion, NY (between Buffalo and Rochester) donated us five badly needed pediatric wheelchairs. One went with us on a mission to Chernobyl, Ukraine and was immediately given to needy child. We received a request from Chicago Health Services who found us on the Internet and asked us to supply a pediatric wheelchair for an eight year old boy from Tennessee with cancer undergoing chemotherapy in Chicago. Erin Smith quickly shipped the needed wheelchair that has given the young man and his parents immediate relief.  A perfect fit. The other wheelchairs will go to Ukraine this summer on a State Department funded container to be filled here in Indianapolis.

In another case the parents of another eight year old boy who just died in Michigan dropped by his wheelchair here at LifeNets in Indianapolis. We were able to take this chair to Chernobyl and give relief to the child on the left.

We could give you many happy testimonials of grateful recipients.  We gave an almost brand new chair to an elderly gentleman in Central Illinois.  Brenda Arnold who delivered the wheelchair says this:

Mr. Kepler was extremely happy and grateful with his new wheelchair!  His old one was was in very poor shape and was falling apart.  The new one fits under his table so he can now sit at his table. It

Mr. D.L. Kepler of Macomb, Illinois

rolls over the lump where the carpet meets the linoleum smoothly without jumping like his old one did.  And the wheel chair fits through all his doors much better than the old one. He is thrilled with the new wheel chair!! 

Indiana First Lady Judy O'Bannon with Andre van Belkum in Johannesburg on March 12, 2003

In March 2003 an Indiana People to People delegation to South Africa headed by First Lady Judy O'Bannon took three chairs for needy people -- two to Cape Town and one to Durban. Judy O'Bannon invited LifeNets Southern Africa LifeNets President Andre van Belkum for a special reception in Johannesburg and spent  the evening talking with him.

Another way we leverage our program is through military transport. SFC Blake Rubie, U.S. Military Group, Venezuela  found us on the web and asked if we could send a wheelchair for one of his staff who became paralyzed from a fall.  All we had to do was to deliver the chair to Fort Gillem in Atlanta and a military transport would take it to Venezuela for no charge to us. This we did.  In October it was delivered and he wrote this:  The wheelchair arrived last week while I was on temporary duty in Miami. It is in good condition! Thank you very much Victor.  It is now in my apartment awaiting tomorrow when Tuscen will deliver it to his friend Eduardo  Tuscen is very excited to be able to give the wheelchair to Eduardo...he knows it will be one of the best gifts he could give anybody. Tuscen has told me of another man in the "pueblo" where he comes elderly man of 60 plus years of age...his legs are paralyzed and he drags himself along the ground in order to move around. A wheelchair would be a great gift for him as well. It is a lot to ask you...but we wonder if you could send another wheelchair down would be greatly appreciated. 

April 15, 2003 -- Victor, The wheelchair arrived last night. Wow! It is a beauty! My goodness, it looks brand new! What a blessing it will be for that gentlemen waiting for it! Vic, you've been more than helpful and we are so very grateful. We pray that God's blessings be bestowed on you and your organization. May God's divine light be shone on your path, also. We still have to deliver the chair to the gentlemen, a trip of about 20 hours by bus. I'll let you know when the mission is accomplished. We'll take some pictures, too and forward them to you later. Thank you again, Vic, God bless, take care and I'll keep in touch. Regards,

SFC Blake Rubie
Administrative NCO, USMILGP-VE,

 In December 2002 he wrote,  My friend Tuscen can't stop talking about the wonderful blessings this is bringing for all of us...and he's right! Thank you, Victor.

We were able to answer his request for another chair and Wayne Stephens was able to deliver the almost mint condition chair to Fort Gillem in Atlanta (close to the Hartsfield International).

On April 15th we received this email from SFC Blake Rubie in Venezuela --

Finally, LifeNets has provided several other wheelchairs for the United Church of God...both local congregations and for the Home Office in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We want to thank everyone who has volunteered in one way or another to help someone have some comfort that they would not have otherwise had without your thoughtfulness and care. 

Below are some more photos depicting our Wheelchair Project work of the past six months.

Mint condition chair that arrived in Venezuela from Atlanta on April 15, 2003

On left LifeNets Chairman Tom Peine with Chernihev Rehabilitation Center staff with two LifeNets pediatric wheelchairs.


Victor Kubik at Indianapolis Airport on his way to Chernobyl on January 12, 2003

Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk, founder of "Revival" Center of Rehabilitation with Victor Kubik in January 2003


Connections like this make our work worthwhile in spite of obstacles --

April 16, 2003

SFC Blake Rubie in Venezuela asked for a wheelchair back in October for a paralyzed gentleman who drags himself around the ground in order to move around. He lives 20 hours by bus from Caracas.  Through Wayne Stephens, LifeNets wheelchair coordinator,  we were able to obtain a beautiful chair in Southern Florida. While traveling to St. Louis, Wayne Stephens dropped it off at Ft. Gillem in the Atlanta area. From there it  went FREE by military air transport on space available basis to Caracas arriving on April 15th, 2003.  Blake Rubie writes:

April 15, 2003 -- Victor, The wheelchair arrived last night. Wow! It is a beauty! My goodness, it looks brand new! What a blessing it will be for that gentlemen waiting for it! Vic, you've been more than helpful and we are so very grateful. We pray that God's blessings be bestowed on you and your organization. May God's divine light be shone on your path, also. We still have to deliver the chair to the gentlemen, a trip of about 20 hours by bus. I'll let you know when the mission is accomplished. We'll take some pictures, too and forward them to you later. Thank you again, Vic, God bless, take care and I'll keep in touch.


SFC Blake Rubie

Mint condition chair that arrived in Venezuela from Atlanta on April 14, 2003

Administrative NCO, USMILGP-VE,


What I had written earlier:

Another way we leverage our program is through military transport. SFC Blake Rubie, U.S. Military Group, Venezuela  found us on the web and asked if we could send a wheelchair for one of his staff who became paralyzed from a fall.  All we had to do was to deliver the chair to Fort Gillem in Atlanta and a military transport would take it to Venezuela for no charge to us. This we did.  In October it was delivered and he wrote this:  The wheelchair arrived last week while I was on temporary duty in Miami. It is in good condition! Thank you very much Victor.  It is now in my apartment awaiting tomorrow when Tuscen will deliver it to his friend Eduardo  Tuscen is very excited to be able to give the wheelchair to Eduardo...he knows it will be one of the best gifts he could give anybody. Tuscen has told me of another man in the "pueblo" where he comes elderly man of 60 plus years of age...his legs are paralyzed and he drags himself along the ground in order to move around. A wheelchair would be a great gift for him as well. It is a lot to ask you...but we wonder if you could send another wheelchair down would be greatly appreciated. 

In December 2003 Blake Rubie wrote,  My friend Tuscen can't stop talking about the wonderful blessings this is bringing for all of us...and he's right! Thank you, Victor.

We were able to answer his request for another chair and Wayne Stephens was able to deliver the almost mint condition chair to Fort Gillem in Atlanta (close to the Hartsfield International).