LifeNets Van is Delivered to Vinogradov, Ukraine in mid-September 2007

October 20, 2007

Back to Vinogradov home

We are very happy that delivery of the badly needed 20-seater van is complete!  It's taken a year to get done to replace old breaking down transportation that is needed to transport our children.  Delivery was made in mid-September. s

Gary Harris from San Antonio, Texas happened to be in Ukraine at this time and was able to provide us with the photos below. 

We thank everyone who provided financing, persistence, hours of work with the conversion process and transport from Germany to make this a happy reality! 

Vasyl Polichko (left) with wife Irina (in the middle) with some of our street children

Gary Harris with gifts to the children

The old van that is about to give up the ghost

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Inside the van

Gary Harris with some of the kids

An excursion to the famous Mukachevo castle in the area