Summer 2013 Mission to Vinogradov, Ukraine

Camp: Teaching English, Music, Crafts

For the fifth time in six years LifeNets sponsored a two week program from June 24 to July 6, 2013 to teach English and provide support for a day camp at the Light of Love Mission in Ukraine. LifeNets has been supporting the work of Vasyl and Irina Polichko since 2001.

Vinogradov home

LifeNets home

Seven US volunteers, Oleh Kubik, group leader, Eugene Kubik, Colin Kubik, Natasha Kubik. Winston Snyder, Matt and Maria Guske travelled on this very fulfilling mission. We would like to share reports and photos from all the participants As before, it was once again a remarkably successful project that benefited the children and those going from the United States.

REPORTS from the Participants:

You Tube Report!

Reports of Former LifeNets Missions to Vinogradov, Ukraine

Special thanks goes to Scott & Carolyn Scharpen of
The Scharpen Foundation
and the
Rock Valley Christian Church
for their support of the Vinogradov Program since 2001.