March 19, 2012

The Christian mission of the "Light of Love" continues its charitable work in helping those who are with little support.  In the charitable dining room which belongs to the mission, we serve about 20 dinners to orphans and those with little support.

Vasyl and Irina Polichko

In the summer period the mission "Light of Love" conducts camps for about 45 orphaned children and children from large poor families.

The mission "Light of Love" pays the tuition for one student to the Mukachevo government university.  He is cared for by his mother. There is no father present.

Of  late, the mission helps people who are retarded and disabled with prosthetic teeth - one person per month.

The mission "Light of Love" expresses sincere thanks to Victor Kubik and all those who help in these charitable projects.

Let God send you a reward for your participation in good works and God's blessings as well.

Head of the Mission

Vasyl Polichko