Below is a letter received from Light of Love Mission in Vinogradov Ukraine

Christian Brotherhood

Light of Love

9 Statsiyna Street, Vinogradov, Ukraine 90300 Telephone 050-10411-92 (mobile), 050-966-43-88

March 9, 2014

To Victor Kubik at LifeNets:


Vasyl and Irina Polichko

Christian Christian Brotherhood Light of Love expresses sincere thanks to Scott and Carolyn Scharpen and Rock Valley Christian Church and their friends in Southern California as well as everyone else involved in their charitable work. We thank you that you have not forgotten us and actively support us spiritually and physically.

On March 7 we received $12,000 in aid. We take care to make certain that this gift will be used for its intended charitable purpose. As last year, your contribution was used for the soup kitchen and also for providing the financing for children's camp in the summer.

Light of Love continues your mission of charitable deeds by providing meals for children every day and also with God's blessing, if it be His Will, this year we will have camp again for spiritual and physical benefit for two weeks for 50 children.

May God bless all the participants of this charitable project and reward you greatly for this charitable deed.

Vasyl Polichko
Head of Brotherhood

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Polichko letter