August 14, 2007 Update on our Vinogradov Street Children Program

On January 12 and 14, 2007 I visited our Vinogradov Street Children cared for by Vasyl and Irina Polichko. Below are my latest photos along with a FAX that the Polichko's sent me prior to my visit. Our next visit is scheduled for December this year (2007).

Victor Kubik

Original FAX in Ukrainian

Thursday, November 9, 2006

To Mr. Victor Kubik in the USA


Dear friends, the Christian Mission “Light of Love” expresses sincere thanks to all who have opened their hearts in sacrifice of good works towards orphans and other socially unprotected sectors of society. Your help brings warmth and happiness to many children.

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We especially thank God who is the source of your goodness that never seems to stop flowing you have directed it towards people, that as one time Solomon said in Ecclesiastes  in Eccl 11:1, “Cast your bread upon the waters, For you will find it after many days.”


As a result of your financial help, this summer at the Christian camp overseen by the “Light of Love” Mission we were also able to serve 92 children. The first group of 47 came daily and spent 18 days at the day camp. This children were fed three times a day, had daily excursion and more. The second group of 45 children was fed five times a day and was there for two weeks for the entire time.  Children came from all parts of Transcarpathia, but we also had two come from Zhitomir (which is located in the Chernobyl zone).  Three other children that were in the full-time camp came from large families (six children), many of whom that have handicaps as a result of Chernobyl.


During the time of camp it was very easy to see that children were truly happy, had good food and all kinds of games. In spite of the fact that it was summer vacation, children still continued to study the Bible.  The editor of one of Vinogradov’s newspapers who spent time with us during camp observed the Bible Study and marveled that when children were to be on vacation from study, that the willingly wanted to study the Word of God. This was very surprising to him. At the end of camp, during the farewells, some of the children cried and asked us not to forget about them and asked us to bring them to camp again.


Our charitable dining area continues its good work and serves daily meals. Children love coming there because in addition to the delicious meals, they have spiritual support. Every day before we eat, we have a Bible lesson where children sing Christian songs, read the Bible and even memorize some of the chapters. After lunch we try to teach the children to do some work.  Children on a duty schedule help with keeping the premises clean, do sweeping outside, help with growing of the garden’s fruits and vegetable. The children who are not on duty are involved in the recreational activities. Some of the older girls help with cooking in the kitchen and the boys are helping with the maintenance of the grounds close to the dining room.


The children are happy, we are happy and with God’s blessing and your help we are continuing together to do a mutual good work for the good those who need it and the glory of our great God and for all our happiness.


We wish you God’s blessing


With respect,


                                                                                                                 Director of Light of Love Mission

                                                                                                                 Vasyl Polichko

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The children always sing for us when we come

The dining area

Vasyl Polichko

Vasyl and Irina

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