Pictures of Loading Container to Chernigev on July 17, 1996

Click on this line for description of this first of a series of containers containing life-sustaining humanitarian aid is headed for either Chernigev or Khust, Ukraine.

  1. The loading operation.

  2. Victor Kubik and his sister Lydia Bauer in front of container being loaded for Chernigev, Ukraine.

  3. Ron Goltz in foreground with Lonnie Gjesvold in back loading container.

  4. A great shot of Lonnie and Ron on the container.

  5. From left to right: Jeanine Gjesvold, Helen Goltz and Lydia Bauer listing inventory of boxes being loaded.

  6. A view of the 20 foot container.

  7. Victor Kubik in front of container.