LifeNets Benefits by Helping Seattle Rotary Fundraiser

Bond - All Bond.  The March 28, 2009 Columbia Tower Club’s (CTC) 6th Annual Casino Night Charity Event was a smashing success!  Seattle Skyline Rotary organized the event this year at the CTC for Skyline to raise money for Polio Plus to further Rotary’s goal to eradicate polio. LifeNets was awarded $4000 which it will use to build a secondary school in Malawi.

The CTC, a private club, is on the 75th and 76th floors of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle.  CTC dedicated its entire 76th floor to this Event!  After registering on the 40th floor, guests were escorted for their portrait photos by professional photographer Chris Watkins Elevators then whisked guests to the 75th floor.

LifeNets Puget Sound (LNPS) supported the Event by selling tickets, obtaining auction donations and sponsorships. LifeNets members sold over 30 tickets to the Event.  Sponsorships included a contribution of  eight cases of wine by Chateau St. Michelle/Northstar wineries to sell by the glass at the Event.  For the auction St. Michelle donated a 2005 Northstar a Merlot in a 3 liter etched, hand-painted bottle and a 2005 Artist Series Meritage 3 bottle set in a limited edition, custom box.  This was negotiated by LNPS member Alain Stefanin. 

1st Security Bank purchased a table sponsorship through a LNPS member’s efforts.  Auction donations included nature photo montages by Jill Stefanin; ocean photo groupings and montages by Catherine Brumbaugh; an original oil painting by Larry Hardison; a power drill by Roberto Parada; an opal ring, spa basket and girls bath basket by Carla Hendrickson and a tupperware basket by Mary Roscoe. Kathleen King donated a handmade baby quilt with custom storage box.

LifeNets members also obtained donations from local area persons and businesses, including a rose quartz necklace by Gibson Designs, a jasper gem stone necklace by Ceanne, a wine tasting party from the Seattle Wine Outlet and services from Prolumina, the Networker and Pacific Legal, among other items.

This Event was a wonderful opportunity for LNPS to work with Seattle Skyline Rotary and in the process significantly increase LifeNets’ exposure throughout the Seattle area.  LifeNets is identified as a sponsor on the Event’s website and identified with some of its auction donations. 

Photos courtesy of
Chris Watkins
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At the Event, there was a large (24x36) poster in the main gaming room identifying LifeNets’ goals and some of its programs.  (Sound Legal Copy prepared the oversized, mounted poster gratis.) 

LifeNets: Who We Are and Why We Do It

Originally an informal network of churches, relief groups and concerned individuals across the United States, LifeNets was formally organized as a non-profit humanitarian relief organization in 1999 to better and more effectively serve needy peoples around the world It is a 100% volunteer organization.  All proceeds directly benefit the individuals served by the various programs

It is exciting to see the lives of people transformed. Giving and sharing with others reflects the kind of heart and hope that defines the kind of people we are. When those we help can help others, the circle of giving is complete.

We believe in:

· Meeting humanitarian needs to relieve suffering.

· Generating hope through opportunities to become self-sufficient.

· Working on the basis of mutual respect, honor and dignity with recipients and donors.

· Delivering services through local leaders whom we know and trust.

· Being culturally sensitive in the type and amount of aid we deliver.

· Leveraging donations by partnering with organizations who sell us their products at a fraction of the wholesale cost.

· Using governmental services such as the U.S. Defense and State Departments to defray costs of container shipments.

· Creating a circle of ongoing benefits.  In many cases recipients are able to pass on aid, training and services to others. They are living examples of “Passing on the Gift” to their communities. This preserves individual dignity and reinforces the practice of giving to others. A Hand Up, not a Hand-out.



Programs benefit people in many parts of the world, including:

United States: LifeGaps school in Indiana, special needs children and wheelchair program throughout the U.S.

Malawi:  funds the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre, clinics and programs benefiting AIDs orphans, families and villages

Ukraine: funds a soup kitchen for street children and provides support to a Rehabilitation Center for Chernobyl children

Zambia:  funds programs benefiting children, families and villages

Jordan:  works with mentally challenged children


LifeNets work in the Chernobyl area was featured in the April 2006 issue of the Rotarian magazine sent monthly to 1.3 million Rotarians in 33,000 clubs in over 100 countries. You may also download one of these versions


LifeNets is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that develops programs offering practical assistance that promote the well being and self sufficiency of disadvantaged people throughout the world and, where possible, encourages them to pass on their LifeNets benefit to others.

LifeNets Puget Sound;


Estonia: a sponsor of Ole Kaine, an alcohol abuse program aimed at youth

The Developing Nations Scholarship Fund:  helps young people in Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and the Kenya Girls School



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