UPDATED November 24, 1996

Yesterday I received a letter from Gladstone and Alice Chonde in Malawi. They sent necessary copies of clinic's licences and government registration papers making it possible for us now to send medications to them that will save lives immediately.

We thank you for $600 that's been donated to this effort already.

We have just received a very good deal on OTC and other medicines from International Medical Aid. We are buying $27,000 worth of $1600. Some of it is to go to Ukraine, but the rest is available for Malawi. We are arranging shipping with Compassion Humanitarian Relief and others who work with sending medical help to Malawi.

Our email contact with Malawi is confirmed...through Gladstone's son Meschach.

A note of concern: The Chondes also wrote asking prayers for their 21 year old daughter now has AIDS.

UPDATED October 27, 1996

Moments ago I received good news. Donations to help the Malawians will be completely tax-deductible! We are going to be shipping medicine from the list at the end of this page which will be purchased from contributions we receive. We are going to be working with other aid organizations who will help us obtain medicine either for free or for pennies on the dollar.

October 1, 1996

I write this from Mutare, Zimbabwe where I am visiting with the Chonde family from Lilongwe, Malawi who are members of the United Church of God. I'd like to share this report and discuss our humanitarian efforts in this country.

Photo of Gladstone and Alice Chonde with Vic Kubik -- taken in the Bvumba Mountains in eastern Zimbabwe

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