2005 LifeNets Livelihood Development Reports from Malawi

Posted November 15, 2005

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One of our more successful LifeNets programs has been livelihood development in Malawi which provides unemployed families the means with which to make a living. This has included sewing machines, carpentry tools, welding equipment or a scholarship to receive training for a job they could not have otherwise qualified for.  The success part is that everyone whom we have provided these items to is gainfully employed, is able to to support his or her family and has dignity and hope in one of the poorest countries in the world.  

In Malawi this past year we have provided a number of scholarships a sewing business and the few other projects pictured below.

Miriam Salawilla standing beside her harvest

We just received a few reports from our newest projects.  In the photo below Mrs. Miriam Salawilla requested help for fertilizer, pesticides, various kinds of seeds and and transport help. With this she is able to feed her family and have money to start again for the next planting season.  She writes: "I managed to harvest 11 bags of maize. The problem we had is poor rains resulting in a poor harvest."  This year Malawi is going through a severe drought where thousands are starving or are greatly malnourished.  This project cost $309.




Bilton Salawilla requested funding to expand his music school. By adding more students he is able to be self-sufficient. LifeNets helped him purchase a keyboard, organ, guitar and guitar strings. He now has more than 20 students that he teaches. He is able to support his family. The cost of this project was $920....leading to Bilton's making a living.

Wordsworth Rashid's grant was to establish a small grocery that also sells some hardware and clothing. He is able to support ten people.



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