LifeNets Sponsors Australians for Youth Corps for Projects in
Chile and Jamaica

Posted July 31, 2015

Youth Corps are young adults who have helped out on various service projects and youth camps around the world. LifeNets is very happy to be able to provide travel support for some of our young people in very distant areas who would be challenged to participate otherwise.

When my wife Bev and I travelled to Australia in March of this year we heard about three young adults who wanted to travel to Chile and Jamaica. Youth Corps pays half the air fare. LifeNets committed to paying the remainder.


The first project was Good Works cosponsoring a project with United Youth Corps in Santiago, Chile from July 12, 2015 until July 26, 2015. It was for individuals who are passionate about teaching, and are willing to stretch outside of their comfort zone. The project consisted of teaching English, leadership, and speech. The classes will be hosted by the local congregation, and will be opened to community members.

Shana Heslin

Our volunteer from Australia is Shana Heslin (22) originally from the small town of Canberra, Australia but now

attends the Melbourne East congregation. Shana has studied linguistics and is currently taking a Masters in Translation. By day, she teaches English as a second language, but sings classic ballads and reads poetry by night. Shana is passionate about languages and speaks French, Spanish and Catalan as well as her native dialect, Australian English. She aspires to a lifetime of teaching and translating, but remains wary of surprises if she is needed elsewhere.

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The other project was UCG Youth camp in Ocho Rios, Jamaica from July 26-31, 2015. LifeNets sponsored two young ladies from Australia. Youth Corps has sent a total of six workers for the camp. Because of distance LifeNets helped totally finance their journey from Australia to Jamaica. It's not only help for for the children at the camp, but also an educational and life-changing experience for these young adults.

They will be assisted by at least two local Jamaican volunteers who will help with meal planning and will instruct on preparing local foods when necessary. Four other volunteers are assisting with classes and all the various activities throughout the five days of camp.  They will interact extensively with the campers.

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Here are the bios of the individuals

Rachel Absalon

Rachel lives in Brisbane, Queensland and attends the local UCG congregation. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Primary Education,


majoring in Educational Psychology.  These studies combine her two passions of working with children and serving others. Growing up in a large family of 8 children on a small farm, Rachel learnt the value of teamwork, discipline and flexibility. She was home schooled during her high school years and worked in the family arborist business before commencing her studies.

Some of her interests include spending time with family and friends, getting involved in the church community, being outdoors and keeping active. Rachel is excited to be part of this project and to be meeting the brethren overseas.

Sarah Carrick

Sarah is from QLD Australia,


while originally from the Toowoomba congregation she now attends both Toowoomba and Brisbane congregation, after moving to Brisbane for work. Growing up an outdoor enthusiast with a love of nature and animals, lead her to peruse Bachelor of Science double major in Ecology and Geographical Science from University of Queensland, graduating in 2012. She spent a year travelling, causally working as a kitchen hand/waitress and helping out at her parents sustainable hobby farm before being offered and internship as research assistant in the Healthy Ecosystems and Environmental Monitoring team within the Institute of Future Environments, at the Queensland University of Technology. In her free time she enjoys being active participating in numerous sporting activities, dancing, cooking and baking, painting, music, photography and enjoying the little things in life.

From the first time reading about the LifeNets projects as a child she knew that one day she wanted to be involved in the good works projects as well as return the favour from her youth of the growth and experience provided by local youth camps to others. She is very excited and feels privilege to have this opportunity, to serve, learn, grown, build rapport and give back to fellow brethren and community.


With Sarah and Rachel in Brisbane March 14, 2015

Shana in Melbourne March 7, 2015