Our Work in Lithuania

November 24, 1999

In the Baltic country of Lithuania, lives a remarkable man, Henrikas Klovas, a deacon in the United Church of God who single-handedly serves God and his people in a remote country that cut off from much of the world going back to the days of the Soviet Union.  He also unselfishly serves the needs of members in Estonia, another Baltic country.

We would like to tell the story about our Work in Lithuania and talk about the life and ongoing challenges of Henrikas Klovas. We will tell this story in reports and photos that will help make the what is going in the Baltic countries a greater reality for all of us.

Henrikas has now started conducting a weekly Bible Study in his home town of Kaunas. In addition, he travels about once a month to Tartu, Estonia and has translated a number of Good News articles into Lithuanian. The first printed article is by Kevin Epps, "The Danger of Doublemindedness." 

I'd like to acquaint you more with Henrikas and his family with photos taken on a visit that my wife Beverly and I made to his home in February 1999. From there the three of us traveled together by bus  about 350 miles to Tartu, Estonia where we held services with our Estonian brethren. We had to cross the borders between Lithuania/Latvia and Latvia/Estonia on this all day journey that started at 6:00 am and ended at 11:30 pm.

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