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November 24, 2013

Major Talama is caring for five LifeNets purchased heifers, now one-year-old, until they can be distributed to needy people in one or more villages.  These five (female) calves are named Norman, Daisy, Connie, Honey & Buttercup (pictured), all fine looking, healthy animals.  Major indicated that the calves all have their immunizations and are being well cared for by a veterinarian.  

Norman, Daisy, Connie, Honey & Buttercup

A new calf (bull) had been born that morning, just an hour before our arrival.  I was honored with it being named after me.  However, in view of the likely fate of this animal I asked the he use my middle name “Wayne!”

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Darden with Mahau Talama with Just Born Calf Named “Wayne” at Talama  Farm

- Larry Darden