Monday, January 1, 2001 Loading in Cincinnati and on its way to Houston and Guatemala!

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Vince Thompson and Tim Dick who brings his
donated box to the U Haul at the UCG Home Office
in Cincinnati


Vince T., John Elliott, Joe Johnson, Derek Smith,
Paul Wassilkoff

Floyd Phelps and Les McCullough

Belinda McCloud, John Elliott along
with Bill and Jay Lawson

Vince Thompson (on right)

Meanwhile back in the warehouse

Boxes everywhere about to leave for Houston

UCG President Les McCullough helps out by
making coffee for everyone Sunday morning

The "first box" donated by Charles Preston

6-year old granddaughter of Eula Deckers does
her part in donating some of her  toys to children
in Guatemala

Vince and Ralph Ennis

Sarah Kirkpatrick always ready to help

Everything loaded but the Teddy Bear

Tom Stockton

Vince drives forklift in the Houston warehouse