LifeNets Donates 3000 Pairs
of Eyeglasses to Mexico

Updated October 12, 2004

LifeNets had shipped 3000 pairs of eyeglasses through Arizona to Mexico.  They were a blessing to many people.  Many of the eyeglasses were provided through Lions Club in Pennsylvania and Suzan Johns.  Here is the final report of their arrival and distribution:

"It took a long time to get the glasses down to Mexico and even longer to get the confirmation that they arrived. I found out just a little while ago that the glasses all arrived in Culiacan and La Cruz in the state of Sinaloa at the end of February. We just missed getting them down there as originally planned by a couple of hours but I guess that's OK because they are all there now. The pastor in charge of distributing them said that they distributed them all very quickly and that the migrant workers were very thankful and overjoyed to receive the glasses.  The Mexican pastor ended up distributing them himself and he does not have a camera. Thanks for sending the glasses.

They were and are a blessing to many people.  

Thanks again.

Jeff Dahl"

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