What a Contribution to LifeNets Will Do...
(this is a partial list)
As of
 March 18, 2009


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Indianapolis, IN 46228-2095




      1.  Buy One Insecticide-treated Bed Net                                                           $5.00
An insecticide treated net is used to prevent Malaria, which is the leading cause
       of death of children in Malawi. A gift of $5.00 will purchase a bed net.  

      2.  Provide Food and Medicine to One Malawi Orphan For One Month        $10.00

          Food support and antibiotics thru the LifeNets orphan program supported by Chizeni Clinic in Balaka, Malawi costs $5.00 per month per child.


3.  Medicine                                                                                                      $300.00 
Three hundred dollars provides $50,000 wholesale value medicines for a community supported by the LifeNets Chizeni Clinic in Balaka, Malawi.


4.  Purchase a Sewing Machine                                                                       $360.00 
Many women would love to receive a sewing machine so that they can sew their own clothing and earn a little income of their own by sewing for others.


5.  Sewing Lessons, Fabric and Sewing Supplies                                            $250.00

Sewing lessons and three bolts of fabric and sewing supplies costs about $250.00.


6.  Purchase a Bicycle for a Family                                                                 $110.00 
A bicycle is an important mode of transportation. Very few people have a car and the cost of public transportation can become costly for those on a very limited budget. A heavy duty bicycle built for the Malawian roads will cost $110.00.


7.  Contribute to the Construction of a New Well                                   Any Amount

 Water is a necessity of life and clean water is often hard to come by. Women and children often walk for miles carrying 5 gallon buckets on their heads in order to provide the water that is needed for their family for the day. A newly drilled well costs about $4500.00 and it will be used by the entire community. 


8.  Scholarship for One Student for One Year                                              $1,500.00

A scholarship is a gift that keeps on giving. With an education one has a much better opportunity to obtain a job and be able to provide for his or her family. About $1000.00 will pay for the tuition of a college student for one year in Malawi.


9.  Purchase a Computer for One Student                                                     $750.00

Computers are more expensive in Malawi then they are in the U.S. yet they are almost as important to the students.  $1,000.00 will provide a new desk top or the more desirable good used lap-top for which the student in ever so grateful.


10.  Contribute to the Construction of a New Nursery School               Any Amount

A new nursery school is being constructed. It will provide quality nursery education initially to 50 students. The target age is 4 and 5 years of age. Young children must walk to school so it will benefit the parents to have a school in their neighborhood. The initial cost of the school will be about $8,000 with plans for expansion.


11. Purchase One Desk and Chair for the Nursery School                              $25.00

This will be a necessary addition to the planned nursery school. For the cost of only $25.00 you can provide a desk and chair for the school.





1.  Scholarship in Lusaka, Zambia for one student                                      $2,000.00

The students in Zambia that we are supporting come from a very remote area of the country. They must go to the city to continue their education. This scholarship includes room and board for a student who would never have this opportunity without help. The parents are subsistence farmers living about a 100 miles from the city. Cost for I year scholarship plus room and board is about $2000.00.


2.  Purchase Bicycle for Family Transportation                                             $110.00

A bicycle is the equivalent of a car for a family in the remote areas of Zambia. A family of 4 may be seen riding on 1 bicycle. Most transportation is done by foot. A hard working Zambian bicycle costs $110.00


3. Purchase a Heifer for a Family                                                                    $125.00

Cattle are a very important asset to the Zambian subsistence farmer. The heifer will provide milk for protein and labor to pull the plow. If one is fortunate to have an ox-cart, the cattle are also used to pull the cart. The cost of a young heifer is $125.00


4. Purchase of a Neighborhood Bull                                                                $440.00

A bull is a necessary part of the farm landscape. Several farmers in a community will share him. The cost of a bull is about $440.00


5.  Purchase an Ox Cart                                                                                   $250.00

This is an extremely valuable item when you have cattle to pull it. For $250.00 you can now have transport for your family to ride on. The cart can carry many jugs of water at one time freeing the wife and children to do other chores. The cart also hauls the produce from the fields and can transport it to market.


6.  Purchase a Plow to Work the Fields                                                          $100.00

With the purchase of a plow the farmer can now work more land to produce more food and income for his family. One plow costs $100.00


7 Purchase a Cultivator to Work the Fields                                                    $225.00

A cultivator aids the farmer in keeping his fields clean and with fewer weeds. This will also aid in the production since it provides a better growing environment for the plants. A cultivator can be purchased for $225.00. This is a cost that very few can afford. 


8.  Purchase One Insecticide-Treated Mosquito Net                                       $10.00

In Zambia the mosquito nets are more expensive than in Malawi because the government does not subsidize them. It is extremely important that a family have nets for the children to sleep under at night.  The families that have received nets report a greatly reduced incidence of Malaria in their children. Malaria can and often does kill.


9. Medicine for Two Communities for Six Months                                         $750.00

For a cost of $1,500.00 per year we provide medicines to two clinics in the remote area of Nalubanda, Zambia. This is the area where we are assisting farmers. The farmers then have access to medicines that are not generally available in these remote areas.


10.  Contribute to the Construction of a Well                                          Any Amount

A well will provide clean water for the community and its livestock. It is often many miles between water supplies and it is very labor intensive securing water from a remote source. A drilled well in Zambia cost about $5,000.00




1. Clothing and Feeding One Child Breakfast and Dinner for One Month     $25.00

$25.00 per child will help support the “Street Children” program. This is the cost of providing food, clothing, and personal items each month at a soup kitchen in Vinogradov, Ukraine. Here the children receive care, love and training.  Many of the children come from abusive and alcoholic situations. Under the “Street Children” program about 30 children are not only fed but they are shown love and they are taught about God and His love for them.


2.  Help Support One Child, One Month at Rehabilitation Center               $250.00

Children of children that are still being affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident are treated here with much needed rehabilitation skills. These are children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, epilepsy and other nervous system disorders.  $250.00 per month will provide rehabilitation for one child.        


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