In Rochester, Minnesota 

August 11, 1999

Our first medical visit was to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota Tuesday, August 11th where we spent the entire day visiting Mayo Clinc and St. Mary's Hospital. Special thanks to Dr. John Merritt for arranging the visits, thanks also to Dr. DePompolo, Consultant and Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic for arranging the tours and Dr. Pasechnik's early morning lecture to the medical staff.

Interview with Rochester KTTC,
 channel 10 and Austin KAAL 
channel 6 television stations

Dr. Robert DePompolo, PM&R Chair, 
Olga Anderson, Dr. Mary Jurrison, 
Teresa Knudsen
(August 10)

Dr. Robert W. DePompolo, Consultant and Chair, 
Department of Physical Medicine and 
Rehabilitation at Mayo Clinic

Dr. P. and Maura Lerner


 Dr. Steven Noll, Program Director 
of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
at Mayo Clinic and Vasil Pasechnik
(August 10)

Dr. Vasil Pasechnik and 
Ms. Maura Lerner of the 
Minneapolis Star and Tribune
(August 10)

Victor Kubik, Maura Lerner of the 
Minneapolis Star and Tribune and  
Jesse Bradley, Mayo Clinic Public Relations
(August 10)