Warren and Joan Ott Help Engineer Medical Equipment Shipment to Chernobyl via our Container in Fillmore, Indiana


Warren and Joan Ott

Trudi  Scott

The Big Load Up

Levi hard at work

Joan Ott and Trudi Scott with 
children's walkers

Even our four year old granddaughter 
Allison Ott helped load

The unloading at the Osborn's 
in Indiana on October 22, 1999

Joan, Trudi, Warren, Sarah and Jims

Warren sitting on one of the 
examination tables

Hit Counter

  Church of God of the Ozarks (Independent)
 pastor Mike Anderson says, "Completely
full.  Quick! Shut the door!"

Ted Scott gathered supplies par of which
were donated to other groups

Doug, Ryan and Doug take a break
from loading

Big Blue loaded full of donated walkers

Ted and Trudi Scott. Their garage was full
of hospital supplies!

Trudi and Sarah

Sarah and Vic

Trudi, Joan and Sarah