Loading the Container to Chernobyl on 
December 21, 1999 



Let the packing begin! Loading coordinator
Caroline Whitt

Terre Haute and Lafayette church members
loading to

Would we be able to get all the boxes in?

Jennifer Swenson logging each one of 
the 207 boxes

Ken Zahora (left) along with Guy Swenson

Bev Kubik moving a box

Film documentation of the loading

Jim Osborn on the forklift

Almost done

And kitty helped, too

Hit Counter

JIm Osborn (left) with inspector
Wendell Chambers

Inside the container

Jim Osborn with forklift loading the
heaviest item, a circle bed along with many
others boxes

Michael Kubik

Ben, Levi, John and Jake whose help
was invaluable

Grunting and loading

Ken Zahora

Guy Swenson with palette jack loading
boxes packed by Dallas, Texas UCG teens

Inspector Chambers randomly
examining  boxes

Comparing the items loaded with the log