Donated Dental Office is in Operation in El Salvador

September 3, 2001

Submitted by Roberto and Barbara de Parada 

The LifeNets container shipped to Central America in February 2001 contained a complete dental office. The equipment and supplies were donated by a dentist and everything was in working order and in great shape. A dental clinic was set up on May 16 in San Salvador, El Salvador, in the home of Herbert D. Parada. Herbert, age 23, is finishing his fifth year of dental school. He and a sixth year student, Veronica Ruiz, offer low cost or free dental service to members of their church as well as professional service to members of their community.

Herbert and Veronica intend to move the office to a commercial district and open a practice after they complete their six months of thesis preparation and one year of mandatory free community service for their government. Veronica will finish in the next year. Herbert and Veronica are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to have this equipment in their possession. No other students in their university have an operating clinic of their own, and such equipment would cost more than $40,000 if they were to purchase it where they live, a price impossible for students to afford. 

Herbert is the top student in his university program, and his fellow students often visit the clinic to learn from him and practice using the equipment. His example of working at low cost to the poor in his country is an excellent example to his fellow students. Several of the students have the opportunity to use their skills to help orphans at a Seventh Day Adventist orphanage in the town of Opico. Raul Ramirez, a third year student, benefits from the use of this clinic as well, and will eventually join the practice. To date, ten members of their church have received dental care, some during multiple visits. Herbert, Veronica, Raul, and the members of their church wish to thank LifeNets for their incredible donation.